Sunrise Over the Atlantic.

The faint roar of the enging,
The rigid airplane chair,
And the people all around me
Keep me wide awake as I try desperately to fall asleep.

Even the soothing music cannot releive me from this agitated
insomnia that plagues me on this tired, sleepless night.

I have had it!
Screw sleeping!

I turn off my music,
Open the blinds to my tiny airplane window,
And just look out at the wonder before me.

I watch as the dark Atlantic is gradually illuminated,
And the sun rises above the clouds below me,
Bright and filled with releif,
Illuminating the world after an awful, restless night.


When I catch glimpses of the ocean it sparkles with sunshine,
As if God had accidentally spilled His gold glitter all over.


The sights both relax and exhilarate me,
And though I am on a crowded plane, I feel a wonderful burst of seclusion,
I am alone with the ocean, sun, and clouds.

Soon, the plane lands,
And with wonder, I look upon a city so old, but so new to me, and i am amazed at its magic.

But despite the magic of the old world, and the beauty of its cobblestone streets,
There is no magic like a sunrise over the Atlantic.




The End

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