Fatal Eyes

She saw the eyes once again
Masked within the shadows
Of the warm, summer’s night
Two round orbs set aglow

Sometimes they’d change colour
Warm honey to vivid red
But they always stared
Unrelenting, they never fled

On her first sighting, she screamed
Ear-piercing, blood-curdling, desperately
‘Help me, help me,’ she pleaded.
Her mother came running, baffled and confused

‘There is nothing there! Are you seeing things?’
After that she knew, it was only her who saw
Those large, intense eyes, sharp and dangerous
At her heart, they seemed to gnaw

Along with the eyes, came a sweet smell
One that pierced through her mind
Seeming to course throughout her body
Tantalizing, exotic and addictive

It was only on her last sighting
That she realised these eyes
Did not belong to any stranger
The nausea began to overwhelm her

For these two glowing objects
That took away her breath
They ripped the soul from her body
As they were the eyes of death.

The End

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