Solitude of Woe

A lonely drop of tear,
Defies the pull of time.
Silent. Still.
Wrinkles a smooth cheek.

 Translucent glitter,
Reflects the world,
Inert. A mirror,
To all that is without.

 Enclosed within,
Are gentle eddies of passion,
Of gentle pain, and violent pleasure,
And tussles between life and death.

 It hangs on,
For dear life,
Against the forces,
That pull it beyond.

 The memory still fresh,
In the salts that quiver within.
The weight of the past,
Tugging it down.

 The stalemate ends,
The memory unable to hold on.
And it gently caresses
The soft skin.

 A battle lost,
And a drop. A tear drops.
The death of a memory,
One lonely quantum at a time.

The End

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