Could life be like a storm?

Sand powdered the beach
waves crashed into the sand
People stood still as they watched
the storm approaching.

How could the world be so silent
and at the same time full of noise.
Tables, and debris were lifted off the ground.
The smell of the sand was divine as it blew by
it was peaceful, yet violent.

How could destruction be so ugly
if its so beautiful to watch?
It began to rain needles.
I closed my eyes allowing
to be swept away as if I were a thought.

The winds carried me into the centre of the storm
Getting swept into deeper into the storm I feel as if
I'm a bird caught in a current seeing the deadly storm
clouds swirling carrying charges of lightening
The feeling of harmony came over me as both destruction
and Beauty collided yet the two forces were still levelling the playing field.

I crashed into flying detritus hitting my head
My life begins to project on the turbulent clouds
Now I was in a turbulent theatre.
Seeing much of my childhood and early adult
I could tell right now life could easily be compared to unmeasured currents
of beauty, and destruction in the storm. However it was a different balance of
the chaos, and organization. Both matching so perfectly yet not so perfectly.

Reaching the eye of the storm felt
like passing the eye of judgement.
Breaking through the storm wall I caught
a glimpse of the baby blue sky
did I deserve to live?

The destructive wind currents dropped me as peace
defeated destruction. I plummeted to the ground
faster than a rock wishing that instead of being a simple
office worker that I took the road of the unknown.

* Editor's Note
The fith stanza did not post as it was sent. The lines in that stanza were longer than the space given, so they were broken up to fit, when it was posted.

The End

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