...As Autumn Fails to Fall

Hello, my name is Autumn
I'm also known as Fall
Every green growing tree knows
I come to destroy them all.

With some help from my best friends,
Cool Air and Lack of Sun
The leaves will turn brown and fall
But we are still not done.

We'll take out any flowers
That may still be in bloom
They're blown away by the wind...
Whistling like a tune.

My devastation is quite dramatic
But not yet quite complete
There are still some green pine trees
Standing across the street.

For months I try to turn the pine
From green to a nice brown
I huff and puff, but just like bricks
I can not blow them down.

I've tried almost everything
Every trick in the book
But nothing will make the pines
Take the bait on the hook.

My time is up, I've got to go
It is now time for Winter
Hopefully that old man
Can make those pine trees splinter.

My time has gone for now
But I'll be back next year
I'll get those pines, they will be mine
So do not fret or fear.

The End

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