The Horned Gods of Yule

The Horned Gods of Yule


Eternal battles wage

between dark and light,

The Twins clash,

Never to reunite.


The Oaken Lord, warm and fertile,

breathes life into earth.

While the Holly King,

quelled, awaits rebirth.


The daffodils bloom,

Amidst the waterfalls and fronds,

Laden trees beside the winding creeks; and

Grassy knolls by the sunlit ponds.


Midwinter to Midsummer,

The Wheel of the Year turns.

Reincarnated and invincible;

The exiled king returns.


The trees grow bare,

And the leaves turn brown,

With every little breeze,

They pirouette down.


The king, winter incarnate, and

 The harbinger of death,

Vanquishes the tired Lord,

Cold winds under its breath.

Endless cycles, of life and death,

Seasons of joy and pain.

The transience of existence,

Borne by this dual reign.

The End

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