Biggest Ego Smallest ...

I'm the greatest swordsman in the land
Nobody 'ere has a defter hand
The blade's at least three foot and
The handle is made from leather tanned.
My hair is reminiscent of the colour of sand
My eyes as blue as a politician is bland
I may not have the biggest demand
But I relax so for me that's just dand(ee)
Er... I have white stallion called Rand(ee)
And I can definitely hold my shand(ee)
I have a big busomed girlfriend called Mand(ee)
Who is far fairer than Barbara Streisand.
I can't go to the pub I've been banned,
I have no job 'cos I got canned
With butlers my house is no longer manned
And my girl says she can't stand
How small my... Never mind.

The End

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