Knife to a Gun Fight

Nancy’s father left when he was young,

Left him and his mother, went on the run,

Nancy worked early on, and breaks, he got none,

But he dreamed from day number one

of being a cowboy, riding off into the sun.

When he’d saved enough cash, he was done,

Ready to be a cowboy, so he bought himself a gun,

Got some chaps, a cowboy hat for fun,

He went to the local cowboy club, “The Horses’ Dung”.


Everyone was mighty impressed till his name was won

By one of the bar maids, who right away sung,

“The boy’s name is Nancy, what a pun!”

They all chanted and jeered at his misfortune,

“No boy named Nancy could be a cowboy’s son!”

Nancy wasn’t about to take this from anyone,

So he reached in his holster and pulled out his gun,

Shot it in the air, and it seemed like he’d won,

The bar went quiet, but then by the tons,

Guns were pulled and pointed at the dumb

Cowboy wannabe, ended before he’d begun,

Poor Nancy, dreams broken, and so glum,

He walked home and hung up his gun.


The End

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