It's My Life; My Way, Walk My Line

When at work; My day, it starts at nine
I sit surrounded; Today, in my confine
I wish I could; Disobey, instead of intertwine
My lazy boss; Jay, he always takes what's mine
But his boss; Jose, I hope he will resign
And be replaced; By Beyonce, and help us recombine

My current car; Weighs, more than a large pine
But in my car; Dossier, is where I will enshrine
My first car; Chevrolet, I should realign
It's colored; Gray, but it will really shine
It never would; Betray, nor would it decline
Just one ride; Everyday, then I could redefine

It's my life; My way, walk my line
I'm buying the; cafe, that's right up the incline
I have the best; Cabernet, and it's new redesign
It's known as; Daye, it's the new best wine
Better than; Okay, it's heavenly divine
And better than; Disary, it went for reassign

The End

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