The Sun's Demise

As the sun goes down, she cries,

Lamenting again the day that dies,

Weeping puddles where she lies.


She steadies; to live without, she tries,

But lo! Every morning, new suns rise,

Bringing relief and ecstasy to her eyes.


She’ll forget again, the sun’s new guise

And witness again the day’s demise,

Which brings, again, night’s darkened skies…

And she’ll feel herself more sober and wise,

But the adult in her, the child defies,

As a born sun brings the child new highs.


And the glowing joy that breaks the ties,

Fills her, raises her, lightens her guise,

And propels her to that for which she vies.


She urges you to put the world aside

And enjoy the sun while it still abides,

Because you never know 'till it fails to rise …

And by then, you’ve lost your life to lies.

The End

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