Challenges # Three and Four

Congratulations for making it to the third round! Your Poem will be due by Midnight (Canada)Pacific Standard Time, Wednesday, March 23rd.

Challenge: Three – Please title your piece

Difficulty: Hard

Form: Imagery Poem in Free Verse

Details: The poem should still be in stanza form – otherwise, it would be prose. However, the length of lines and stanzas is up to you. It can rhyme a bit if you like, either within the lines or at the end, but the point is, the poem should not be a structured rhyme poem.

It can tell a story, or talk about feelings, or the weather etc, as long as it remains within the parameters of free form. The poem should use imagery to make the reader 'see' the picture, or images you paint with words.

Definition: Imagery poems draw the reader into poetic experiences by touching on the images of sense which the reader already knows. The purpose of the poem is to paint a picture with words, a visual display of the senses.

Definition: Free Verse is a form of poetry of either rhymed or unrhymed lines that have no set pattern, or meter.


Cave Man

Down into the depths of the earth
He inches along like a worm,
Through a narrow passage
As cold and hard and dark
As a faithless lover's heart.

His humble lantern guides the way
Under dripping daggers of stalactites
That pierce the fetid air from the roof
Above him like a knife through old cheese.
Dank pools of untold depths
Bar his path and change his course
Of discovery along a different route,
Further and further into the unknown.

He can taste the damp and mold
That feeds his fear like a bitter pill
That tightens his throat and threatens
To choke him where he stands.
He looks around him, lantern high
To get his bearings, to go ahead
Or turn back along the route he
Has marked with phosphorescent paint.

In a sudden flash of excitement
Better than an illegal chemical high,
Better in some ways than even sex
He sees what he has been searching for -
Etchings, sketchings, drawings of stick men,
carrying stick spears, hunting stick animals
To record a long gone people's way of life
That existed well before written language.

He records it all with digital precision,
Alone but not alone in the cloying dark.
He has the remnants of an ancient people
To keep him company as he works.
Elated with this magnificent find, he
Turns back along his painted path
To go home.

The End

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