Challenge # Two

Difficulty: Intermediate

Form: Quatrain

Definition: A Quatrain is a poem or stanza that has four lines. The term can mean that the poem itself only has four lines, but for this challenge, there is no stanza limit, as long as each stanza has four lines.

A quatrain can have any rhyme scheme, but for this challenge, Lines 2 and 4 must rhyme. Lines 1 and 3 may or may not rhyme. Rhyming lines should have a similar number of syllables, to give the poem a nice rhythm and flow. Eg: If line 2 has four syllables, then line four should have maybe 3-6 syllables.

Here's a useful site if you need to count syllables -

Here's an example of a Quatrain -

Details: Stanzas must have four lines each. Lines 2 and 4 must rhyme. Rhyming lines must have a similar number of syllables. The subject of the poems must be about one or more of the four seasons in nature.

This round begins the eliminations, so these rules of the challenge are strict. Please make sure your poem sticks to the rules, before submitting it as an entry. Poems that don't meet the rules of the challenge will be disqualified.

Late poems will still be accepted, but they will be penalized by losing points.


The Seasons of Love

Snowflakes flutter, and glitter,
To sparkle in your silken hair
Your smile is like the summer sun
To melt the frosty winter in the air

Nature wakes from its slumber
To boost the juice of everything
Love, Trees and flowers blossom
In the budding youth of Spring

Laughter echoes in the summer,
Passions simmer in the heat
The throbbing of a waterfall
Matches every heart beat

The days of autumn get cooler,
We stand with rings entwined
We pledge our hearts forever,
Make vows to last for all time

The End

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