Unicorn 1: “Hey, what’s up with your horn? It’s so white!”

Unicorn 2: “I used that new Sparklecorn hornpaste! It works great!”

Unicorn 1: “I’ll say!” *whinny*

Sparklecorn! The best!
Oh, your horn is a mess!
Rainbow dust and grass stains
Can ruin it’s zest!
But Sparklecorn’s here,
Don’t you worry a sight!
Rub it on your horn,
And watch it shine bright!
Impress your neighbours
And your friends too!
Their horns are grubby,
But yours looks brand new!

A hornpaste with class!
From Unigroup,
The makers of Scrubahorn and Mane-Away!

Warning: Prolongedexposuretomagicacid,anactiveingredientinsparklecorn,hasbeen


Contact your unicorn physician immediately if you notice either of these effects persisting.

The End

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