2011 Pre-Tournament Poetry

Pre-Tournament Challenge:

Definitions of a jingle:

1. To have the catchy sound of a simple, repetitious rhyme
2. A piece of light singsong verse or rhyme.
3. A catchy, often musical advertising slogan.

The Challenge:

Write a jingle, song, or slogan as an advertisement for a fictitious product.
Each entry must have a product name and description of what it is, as a title.
The body of the advertisement should be a sales pitch in either rhyme or free verse form that will (hopefully) get people to buy it. Distinctive punctuation marks are optional.

Any strange or amusing side effects are optional, but fun.

2-4 lines per stanza,
1-4 stanzas in length

Eg: Zoomerang - instant return broomstick

Broomstick, broomstick where are you?
Are you in the pig sty, are you at the zoo?
I wish you were a brand new Zoomerang
Then you would return, like a boomerang

The End

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