2 L8

Too late... too late.

It's too late to tell me in which category should I put this work in.

What word becomes longer once you remove one letter?

If you're facing me and I'm facing you, who's facing in front?

Will Santa still give you a gift if your stocking is black and not red?

Why did the chlorophyll choose to be green?

Is it wrong too kill someone who tried to kill you?

Is it wrong to like someone who belongs to someone else?

I couldn't cry; I don't have the right to do so.

I couldn't get angry at them; it would be pointless, and silly.

All I could do is to blame myself.

Why did I fall?

I knew about it all the time,

Why couldn't I stop myself?

I tried to lie to myself.

Will these feelings be gone in an instant?

I doubt.

I feel so stupid,

Very stupid.

If only I realized what could happen earlier,

No one would get hurt.

I wouldn't get hurt.

What will happen now?

Oh god, I seriously don't know!

It's too late to let go of these feelings,

It's buried deep inside.

Too late... too late

I do not know if this thing made any sense.

The End

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