02-20-2014 10:28pmMature

I like to sit back and think about the times we sat in your kitchen and drank tea.

You’d heat up a hot pocket or something ridiculously unhealthy.

I miss the way you’d put your hand on my knee.

Or the way you’d kiss me between sips of tea.

I can still feel the warm, filling tea slide into my cold insides. 

I’m slowly forgetting the way your voice sounds.

I refuse to listen to my iTunes because you’re my most played song.

I cried tonight.

I was talking to myself about you.

I was in an altered state of mind but you’re the first thing I thought about.

I realize I said I was talking to myself about you.

I was talking with my sister.

Although I guess you could say I talk to myself about you..

In my head I think about the different ways I could have handled things.

But I guess I think out loud too.

You suck.

The End

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