02-14-2014 11:00amMature

We broke up yesterday. 

My heart hurts so much and I can't seem to stop crying. 

I yelled at you. 

I never yell at people. 


I miss you. 

This is going to be very hard. 

I didn't realize how hard it would be until it actually started happening. 

You were my whole world. 

You fixed everything. 

It's hard to imagine how my life is going to be without you there all the time. 

I still love you. 

But you hurt me so badly. 

My heart is so broken. 

I'm so mad at you. 

How could you just hurt me like that? 

That's fucking awful. 

364 days together. 

I'll just say a year because that's less painful. 

But everything is ruined now. 

Maybe one day, just maybe we can try this again. 

I hope our paths cross again. 

I still want to be with you forever. 

The End

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