02-05-2014 10:40amMature

I want to start smoking cigarettes again so I can feel those toxins in my body.
I want to go on a hike all day by myself so I can cry and take in how beautiful something else is.
I need to stop sleeping so much.
I need to be around people so I can laugh and cry with them.
I need to eat food. Large amounts of food.
I need my guitar back so I can write shitty sad songs that no one will ever be able to hear.
I need to put on a fancy dress and heels so I can feel pretty.
I need these 4 months to go by faster than anything in this entire world.
I need to get away for awhile.
Maybe I’ll take a drive up the coast and stop driving once it gets dark and then take another way home so I can appreciate something for myself.
Maybe I’ll take a trip to see old friends.
I need to find who I am right now.
I need guidance but I can’t have it.

The End

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