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Protagonize reaches a niche market of fiction aficionados, prospective authors, students, baby boomers, as well as a diverse set of users who work in both technology and the arts. The site appeals to readers, writers and those who appreciate quality web design and a thriving community of writers.

Protagonize's target market is still evolving. The site has come a long way from the simple concept it was rooted in — allowing authors, amateur or professional, to collaboratively tell stories without imposing too many boundaries.

Signing up for Protagonize is free! We are currently home to more than 30,000 registered authors from over 200 different countries and territories around the world, many of whom are actively writing in our community. In addition, we have many times that number of users that solely read the content on the site, and we're growing daily.

Traffic information

Protagonize currently serves between 300,000 — 350,000 pageviews and 35,000 — 40,000 visitors every month, with an average time-on-site nearly 10 minutes per visit, marking a distinctly engaged readership.

More comprehensive (and accurate) internally-tracked site traffic statistics are available upon request. Please contact us for further information.

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Group sponsorships

Groups are a popular and growing new feature on Protagonize and the opportunity to sponsor groups or contests/competitions is an alternative to traditional banner advertising on the site.

Groups can be either collaborative sub-communities centered around a specific interest group or topic, or contests or competitions that can be time-limited and subject to specific rules. Both individuals and businesses can sponsor groups or contests; if you or your organization are interested in sponsoring a Protagonize group or in running a contest group, please contact us with the details of your request.

Group sponsorships are available for a recurring monthly fee (minimum 1 month). We also offer discounts for multi-month sponsorships.

If marketers are looking to create a more customized experience for their audience, we will also gladly work with your design team in order to integrate your organization’s branding and creative into sponsored groups or contests. This can be achieved via custom themes (i.e. applying your visual design to our group interface), as well as by offering dedicated URLs (sub-domains or directories) on Protagonize for your sponsored area.

Customization of branded sponsored groups is available upon request.

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Advertising zones

Protagonize offers CPM-based (cost per thousand impressions) advertising spots in primarily IAB standard formats. Our competitive CPM rates are for run-of-site (ROS) advertisements. Rates are available upon request. A partial listing of available advertising zones can be found below.

Alternate rates are available if an advertiser would like to publish ads on a specific page template or section. If you would like to advertise in a specific section of the site, please contact the publisher with your request, and a quote will be provided to you.

Protagonize also accepts flat-rate monthly ad buys for the zones listed below. Prices for flat-rate buys are based on increments of 10% of total monthly ad impressions for the requested zone.

Rates are discounted for buys of 3 months or longer — if interested, please contact us with your requested zone and ad format. Targeted, custom ad placements are also available by request.

Content Zone Ad Format Dimensions
Homepage Banner Full-page width slide in homepage content rotator 980 x 300
Primary Content Large rectangle, medium rectangle, square
(positioned in sidebar, above the fold; sizes vary depending on template)
336 x 280
300 x 250
250 x 250
Embedded Page Content Standard banner
(positioned immediately above comments in work pages, author profiles, and conversations; below first comment in discussion topics)
468 x 60

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Available page templates

Protagonize also offers the ability to advertise on specific site pages. Below is a listing of all available page templates to advertise on. Please contact the publisher for pricing information if you'd like to advertise on a specific page template.

Page Template Example
All pages (ROS)
Read & browse pages
Authors page
Groups page
Story view pages (example)
Author profile pages (example)
Individual group pages (example)
Activity pages
Help section pages

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