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View the Fantandein group


Created by Stargazer in Collaboration, Special Interest

A magical world where creatures and races live together in a natural harmony.

View the People Who Write About/Love Cats group

People Who Write About/Love Cats

Created by Sanctuary in Special Interest

This Group Is All About Cats, But You Knew That.

View the Editing, Rewriting & Polishing group

Editing, Rewriting & Polishing

Created by Tasha_Noble in Authors, Publishing, Special Interest

Because however good it is, it can always be better.

View the Need Some Help?? group

Need Some Help??

Created by HarryPotter.lover in Just for Fun, Special Interest

Do you need some help??

View the Dark, Destructive, and Possibly Beautiful. group

Dark, Destructive, and Possibly Beautiful.

Created by Silence.Dawns in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Special Interest

Feel free to enlighten us with your dark destructive powers. Perhaps you can strike fear into our hearts. Or could find some..similar minions.

View the Midevil group


Created by Rissi in General Interest, Periods & Movements, Special Interest

This group is about anybody interested in the midevil times. You can write about princesses, knights, peasents, or anything else midevil.

View the Avatards group


Created by VictoriaGlass in Special Interest

Do you love James Cameron's hit movie 'Avatar'?

View the LGBT Literature group

LGBT Literature

Created by WindxWater in Periods & Movements, Social, Special Interest

This group is for everything queertastic. Discuss your favorite stories and new projects you want to work on in a supportive and empowering environment.

View the Share The Scare group

Share The Scare

Created by Vaughn in Clubs & Societies, Genres, Special Interest

Keep telling yourself "It's only a story! It's only a story!"

View the Antagonists group


Created by Maximillius in Just for Fun, Social, Special Interest

This is a group dedicated to all those bad characters out there. A recognition to the main characters from the shadow who try their best to thwart the good guys.

View the HONOR YOUR LUDAS! group


Created by DarkReignn in Just for Fun, Special Interest

Do you like action, violence, and sex? If so, check this group out! It will feature stories about Ancient Rome, gladiators, and things like that. So if you want a riveting piece of writing, look no further!

View the Romantic Works group

Romantic Works

Created by Silence.Dawns in Communities, General Interest, Special Interest

Any Romantic Writings stashed away under your bed? Or have you ever felt like wanting to just put something out in the open for the World to view? If you have..May I suggest this place?

View the Heralds of the Apocalypse group

Heralds of the Apocalypse

Created by Mortis in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Special Interest

We greet you with open arms, for the coming Apocalypse will not.

View the Planning & Brainstorming group

Planning & Brainstorming

Created by nickb in Collaboration, Social, Special Interest

For those interested in outlining and discussing specific ongoing storylines.

View the Memories of a Lifetime. group

Memories of a Lifetime.

Created by JFreak in Collaboration, Events, Special Interest

Four people will be in this collab. I would like to have 3 other people join me in this collab. They have to be able to share their memories, good or bad. Also, they shouldn't be too busy. I would need them to post pretty regularly. Join if you want. :)

View the Social Justice Group group

Social Justice Group

Created by Juliia in Communities, Organizations, Special Interest

A group dedicated to talking and writing about the experience of being queer, disabled, a woman, a trans*person, a person of color, or in some other religious, socio-economic, or other minority.

View the All Things Zombies group

All Things Zombies

Created by IQIncorporated in Communities, Just for Fun, Special Interest

When there are no Zombies groups, I.Q will rise

View the Here We Are Broken group

Here We Are Broken

Created by Ukeneki in Authors, Collaboration, Special Interest

It takes being broken to be put back together

View the Powers and systems group

Powers and systems

Created by Kyle. in Collaboration, Genres, Special Interest

There seems to be no group dedicated simply to the development of supernatural powers. This will be that group.

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