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View the Character bio group group

Character bio group

Created by stories4u2read in Collaboration, Random, Social

A place to get those characters out of your head and unto paper, well, computer and share your characters with the world... And if you find another character and want to do a collab with them, this group is for that too! So join now!

View the I'll read yours if you read mine group

I'll read yours if you read mine

Created by DarkFluoresce in Authors, Social, Writing Groups & Circles

This group quite simple... If a person reads your story or poem, then you read that person's story or poem. Simple and fair. Give each other feedback if you want and it benefits everybody.

View the Albertans Unite!! group

Albertans Unite!!

Created by Seraphim'sZephyr in Communities, Culture, Social

A Group of People From That Most Awesome Province in Canada

View the Disability & Mental Illness group group

Disability & Mental Illness group

Created by LokiofSassgard in Social

We welcome all disabilities and mental illnesses to this group. :3

View the michael's place group

michael's place

Created by airborne29th in Social

short stories and poems

View the Choose Your Own Addventure! group

Choose Your Own Addventure!

Created by Jackerbie in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Social

Addventure lovers, assemble! Well, if you want to, that is. The choice is always yours.

View the LGBT Literature group

LGBT Literature

Created by WindxWater in Periods & Movements, Social, Special Interest

This group is for everything queertastic. Discuss your favorite stories and new projects you want to work on in a supportive and empowering environment.

View the Audio or Video Recordings group

Audio or Video Recordings

Created by FogCat in Promotional, Social

Created an audio or video recording of your writing and used the new "add media" feature to show it off? Come share it here!

View the Furry group


Created by flurryswift in Just for Fun, Social, Special Interest

A group for those into anthropmorphic animals.

View the BC Protagonists group

BC Protagonists

Created by Jackerbie in Regional, Social

A place for writers in British Columbia to gather and share.

View the HUMS Writing Circle group

HUMS Writing Circle

Created by Will_B_OK in Clubs & Societies, Social, Writing Groups & Circles

A place for Carleton Humanities students and friends to share, collaborate on, and critique each other's creative written work. It's like the Lounge, but virtual!

View the Artists with Words group

Artists with Words

Created by TattedPocahontas in Authors, Collaboration, Social

We paint with our words. We create images of great battles and diminish the worlds with the stroke of a pen. The truest love stories come from deep within our hearts and pour out through our fingers. We are Artists who use Words.

View the Friend Finder group

Friend Finder

Created by CurasiTayo in Communities, Just for Fun, Social

Want to make friends on protagonize? Well this is the group to join! Anyone and everyone is welcome!

View the Planning & Brainstorming group

Planning & Brainstorming

Created by nickb in Collaboration, Social, Special Interest

For those interested in outlining and discussing specific ongoing storylines.

View the Antagonists group


Created by Maximillius in Just for Fun, Social, Special Interest

This is a group dedicated to all those bad characters out there. A recognition to the main characters from the shadow who try their best to thwart the good guys.

View the Discussion 'Living with Flames' group

Discussion 'Living with Flames'

Created by xLittleHill_TheIrishGirlx in Authors, Collaboration, Social

Just for Nightshadedark and xLilHillx :-)

View the New Members group

New Members

Created by nickb in Communities, General Interest, Social

Are you new to Protagonize? This group is a great spot to learn the ropes and meet other authors.

View the Creative Titles group

Creative Titles

Created by TheRosesBloom in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Social

Because naming our work is harder than writing it.

View the LGBTS community group

LGBTS community

Created by Stargazer in Collaboration, Communities, Social

All those members of the LGBT on this site- let's get together!

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