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View the Imagination-Inspiration-Concentration group


Created by unknownsource404 in General Interest, Random, Writing Groups & Circles

For anyone who writes stories, poetry, character development - anything really. As long as it comes from your head and not someone else's, it's definitely welcome here~ ;D

View the Soon To be Stars group

Soon To be Stars

Created by LilyLovesOreos in Random

It's sort of like a blog, that lot's of people can post to and for people who want to be famous.

View the Heroes of History (closed collab) group

Heroes of History (closed collab)

Created by Arah in Random

Greek Mythology, random comments

View the randomers_united group


Created by Stef_lol in Just for Fun, Random, Social

a group where randomers can finally unite no matter who you are and what you like just be random :)

View the Animals lovers group

Animals lovers

Created by LizzyPandaLover11 in Random

any animals r cute except ugly ones (rats or rodents)

View the MK's Fresh Ideas Depot group

MK's Fresh Ideas Depot

Created by mightokondriac in Authors, Collaboration, Random

Dropkick writers block right in the junk!

View the The anything group. group

The anything group.

Created by thewriterEm in Just for Fun, Random, Social

Fun I don't know.

View the Illustrations. group


Created by HeavenLeighNeko in Book Art & Illustration, Contests & Competitions, Random

Want to actually see a part of your story illustrated? this is the right group. Or if you like to draw and would like to provide a fun service to others, or just are at a block of what to draw join too!

View the Short Poetry, Short Prose group

Short Poetry, Short Prose

Created by GoldenEarthAngel in General Interest, Just for Fun, Random

Because sometimes things are better said short.

View the iBecka group


Created by SimpleBeauty in Fan Clubs, Just for Fun, Random

2 girls, 1 idea, there is only ONE iBECKA

View the Sanctuary For The Darklings group

Sanctuary For The Darklings

Created by TheRosesBloom in Collaboration, Random, Social

For those of us a little too tainted with shadow...There is a home for you here.

View the Character bio group group

Character bio group

Created by stories4u2read in Collaboration, Random, Social

A place to get those characters out of your head and unto paper, well, computer and share your characters with the world... And if you find another character and want to do a collab with them, this group is for that too! So join now!

View the The Floydian Collab :-) group

The Floydian Collab :-)

Created by xLittleHill_TheIrishGirlx in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Random

This is going to be interesting... yet hilarious I'm sure :D

View the collective stories group

collective stories

Created by GalacticNebula in Random

this groupe is all about stories that any one can join to create.

View the My little old group group

My little old group

Created by Nyxie in Authors, Genres, Random

Oh dear, I think my brain exploded into randomness.

View the The Writers of Adventurous Collaboration group

The Writers of Adventurous Collaboration

Created by KamakaizRaven in Collaboration, General Interest, Random

The is a group for people who collaborate often here is were we can discuss ideas and come up with new plots for new collabs. Ideas strike like lightning and can disappear like the wind so here you can quickly post them.

View the Action and Destruction group

Action and Destruction

Created by chimerakiller2 in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Random

Violence, Action, Gore, Glory, Battles, Fists, Wars, Fight!

View the Lover's Peak group

Lover's Peak

Created by LeCoupeDeFoudre in Just for Fun, Random, Writing Groups & Circles

Love romance? Love... love? ARE YOU A HOPELESS ROMANTIC? Do you say 'Awww' at those cutesy points in a movie? If you are, join, join, join!

View the Tales From the Straitjacket group

Tales From the Straitjacket

Created by HomerHempknot in Collaboration, Random, Writing Groups & Circles

What are you looking at? Seriously, why are you looking at this group? Divert your eyes immediately!!!

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