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View the Motivational Corner group

Motivational Corner

Created by phiresong in Authors, Literary Reviews & Journals, Promotional

A place where you could share your stories and encourage each other to keep writing!

View the Raters Not Haters group

Raters Not Haters

Created by Aria_Alto in Promotional

Looking for ratings but don't want completely dishonest ones? Come on in!

View the Place where  talk  about writing.   BUY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS AT UNBELIEVABLE PRICES!!! PROMO CODE 76A group


Created by smac972 in Collecting, Promotional, Websites

Hi. This is where all we do is talk about writing stories. If you're interested in generic stories from Canada about thinhs like viagra or Oxycotin (or many more!), join this group!

View the The Advice Table group

The Advice Table

Created by BaileyBlackford in Promotional, Social, Websites

Need a hand? Think you need a tip or two on how to get your work more noticed? Part of getting noticed is building relationships with other authors, and sharing tips with each other.

View the The Element Adventures group

The Element Adventures

Created by Aoife.J.Sherwood in Fan Clubs, Promotional, Special Interest

This is the one group where the world of Maegard runs rampant, the world of my main fantasy series, The Element Adventures. Here you are free to explore, though a warning: tread lightly on Bandit's Run, and do not look a blind Va'shar in the eye!

View the Audio or Video Recordings group

Audio or Video Recordings

Created by FogCat in Promotional, Social

Created an audio or video recording of your writing and used the new "add media" feature to show it off? Come share it here!

View the The Written Word group

The Written Word

Created by FutureBestseller1896 in Authors, Just for Fun, Promotional

Where writers can come together and pretty much talk about anything the heart desires.