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View the Dark Poets Society group

Dark Poets Society

Created by peggy in Poetry

This group is recommended for those who love to write poems when they are feeling low and usually end up with some thing Gothic.

View the Short Form Poetry group

Short Form Poetry

Created by Southernemma in Poetry

A place where writers of haiku, cinquains, limericks, and other short form poetry can gather.

View the Creative Writing Herzog 2015/6 group

Creative Writing Herzog 2015/6

Created by Drlauram in Poetry

Just write it!

View the Self-Help group


Created by Taelortot in Collaboration, Education, Poetry

For those of us struggling with life, self image, and everything in between.

View the Creative Writing Degree 2013 group

Creative Writing Degree 2013

Created by Adam_Ward in Authors, Education, Poetry

Degree level work...students love to critique!!

View the Seasonal Poetry Tournament group

Seasonal Poetry Tournament

Created by Verse47 in Contests & Competitions, Just for Fun, Poetry

Dedicated to the use for the Poetry Workshop's seasonal poetry tournaments.

View the edclass109 group


Created by Ero in Music & Lyrics, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

Invent, Create, Enhance, Perfect; this is your work.

View the Creative Collaborators group

Creative Collaborators

Created by APoetwithPassion in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Poetry

Join, trade focus words, and write!

View the Poetry for Fun group

Poetry for Fun

Created by aryst0krat in General Interest, Just for Fun, Poetry

For those poets who prefer to stay away from the heavier stuff.

View the The Poetry Workshop group

The Poetry Workshop

Created by FogCat in Events, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

Improving our poetry, together.

View the Creative Writing - Herzog 2013 group

Creative Writing - Herzog 2013

Created by Drlauram in Foreign Language, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

A bunch of students training to be English teachers unleashing their creative sides!

View the Postcards for the Soul group

Postcards for the Soul

Created by sNICK in Authors, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

An Anthology of Short Verse Love Poems

View the Creative Writing - Achva 2016/7 group

Creative Writing - Achva 2016/7

Created by LauraM in Education, Foreign Language, Poetry

A bunch of students writing poetry in (mostly) L2

View the Poets of Tomorrow group

Poets of Tomorrow

Created by Verse47 in Authors, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

Even Shakespeare had to start somewhere!

View the We Wanted To Be Writers group

We Wanted To Be Writers

Created by DChan in Authors, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

Creative writing tidbits from alumni of the legendary Iowa Writers' Workshop

View the Collaborative Poetry group

Collaborative Poetry

Created by Rac7hel in Collaboration, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

Like the Collaborative Corner, but for poetry!

View the JessRutland group


Created by JessRutland in Fan Clubs, Just for Fun, Poetry

Tell me what you think?

View the The Inklings group

The Inklings

Created by TheRiverTalker in Authors, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

For those wishing to discuss writing in a more theological/spiritual emphasis, in the spirit of The Inklings of C.S. Lewis fame.