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View the All Things Harry Potter group

All Things Harry Potter

Created by Immzie in Just for Fun

Do you love the Potter books? Or Films? This is the place for you! Just if you want a chat about it, or to put you Potter Work on here. The Potter fans are here!

View the Characters Block group

Characters Block

Created by kiacarter93 in Just for Fun, Writing Groups & Circles

Writing a Story? Play? Novel? Need help with character names? Yes? Then look no further! This group is for you. Submit any of the above or what the characters personality is and get names.

View the Dr. Who group

Dr. Who

Created by LemonFace in Communities, Fan Clubs, Just for Fun

For all those who think bow-ties are cool. And actually for those who don't, come to think of it.

View the burenheidl group


Created by juergen.giefing in Just for Fun


View the Dark, Destructive, and Possibly Beautiful. group

Dark, Destructive, and Possibly Beautiful.

Created by Silence.Dawns in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Special Interest

Feel free to enlighten us with your dark destructive powers. Perhaps you can strike fear into our hearts. Or could find some..similar minions.

View the All Things Zombies group

All Things Zombies

Created by IQIncorporated in Communities, Just for Fun, Special Interest

When there are no Zombies groups, I.Q will rise

View the Comedy and humour group

Comedy and humour

Created by EotP in General Interest, Genres, Just for Fun

Learn and laugh, laugh and learn! The group for people who specialize in writing things to make people laugh (or at least, try to!), and for those who want to get better at it.

View the Dreams group


Created by hungergameslover in Just for Fun

Have you ever had a dream so peculiar you had to write down what happened? Well here's a group for stories based off of dreams.

View the Action and Destruction group

Action and Destruction

Created by chimerakiller2 in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Random

Violence, Action, Gore, Glory, Battles, Fists, Wars, Fight!

View the Don't Have Any Inspiration........? group

Don't Have Any Inspiration........?

Created by CrystalSouth in Just for Fun

This group can help you improve your writing so what are you waiting for!?

View the Anime Fan group

Anime Fan

Created by Gothicprincess97 in Fan Clubs, General Interest, Just for Fun

for anyone who is a fan of anime, your welcome here. Even if you've never watched anime before, you can still join.

View the Creative Collaborators group

Creative Collaborators

Created by APoetwithPassion in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Poetry

Join, trade focus words, and write!

View the Antagonists group


Created by Maximillius in Just for Fun, Social, Special Interest

This is a group dedicated to all those bad characters out there. A recognition to the main characters from the shadow who try their best to thwart the good guys.

View the Creative Corner group

Creative Corner

Created by LouisaJo in Just for Fun

Do you have great ideas you're itching to share? Titles with no place? Need inspiration? You're at the right place!

View the ♪ MusicSpeaks ♫ group

♪ MusicSpeaks ♫

Created by kiacarter93 in Just for Fun, Music & Lyrics

Do you love music? Songwriter? Lyricist? Trying to find the right words that fit? Then look no further! This is the group for you. Submit/Post your Lyrics to get feedback/help.

View the Candyshop group


Created by 2bAcademiaCookie in Just for Fun

STOP! DROP! And fruit roll.

View the Beforus University group

Beforus University

Created by serkitten in Fan Fiction, Just for Fun

Offical group for the Beforus University AU project.

View the Creative Titles group

Creative Titles

Created by TheRosesBloom in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Social

Because naming our work is harder than writing it.

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