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View the Comedy and humour group

Comedy and humour

Created by EotP in General Interest, Genres, Just for Fun

Learn and laugh, laugh and learn! The group for people who specialize in writing things to make people laugh (or at least, try to!), and for those who want to get better at it.

View the Parody, Satire and other things Funny group

Parody, Satire and other things Funny

Created by smac972 in Genres

Because the best way to feel good at ourselves is to laugh at how stupid other people are.

View the Young Adult Fiction group

Young Adult Fiction

Created by LuneXian in Collaboration, Genres, Special Interest

For those who enjoy anything YA, this is for you.

View the Crime group


Created by babyrhinos in Fan Clubs, Fan Fiction, Genres

The case that makes you, and the case that breaks you.

View the Romantic Travels group

Romantic Travels

Created by CrystalRose in Authors, Collaboration, Genres

Something that will never die Romance, Heartbreak, Passion..... Love.

View the Flash Fiction group

Flash Fiction

Created by AnaCristina in General Interest, Genres

Because a lot can happen in just a few words.

View the Sci fi/ fantasy collab group

Sci fi/ fantasy collab

Created by starwarsfreak117 in Collaboration, Fan Fiction, Genres

This group is about writing action, adventure, intrigue, and more. Anything sci fi or fantasy is welcome.

View the Creative Writing Essentials group

Creative Writing Essentials

Created by danielleurban442 in Genres, Publishing, Writing Groups & Circles

Author?Poet?Writer? Stuck in writer's block? Join now!

View the Powers and systems group

Powers and systems

Created by Kyle. in Collaboration, Genres, Special Interest

There seems to be no group dedicated simply to the development of supernatural powers. This will be that group.

View the Zombie Apocalypse group

Zombie Apocalypse

Created by Abaddon in Collaboration, Genres, Special Interest

Some evolve. Some decompose. There's a horde of tangents to reAnimate, we just put a fresh face on this villainous corpse!

View the BloodPearl group


Created by Emeralia in Authors, Collaboration, Genres

We love to write make sure to post

View the My little old group group

My little old group

Created by Nyxie in Authors, Genres, Random

Oh dear, I think my brain exploded into randomness.

View the Teknomagus Saga group

Teknomagus Saga

Created by GraeyMouser in Collaboration, Genres, Just for Fun

PEO vs. King, Starship Captain vs. Dragon Commander

View the Haunted group


Created by LeahJH in Genres

For authors that write your little night bumps...

View the Science Fiction group

Science Fiction

Created by LemonFace in Clubs & Societies, Communities, Genres

Because the speed of light is tardy!

View the Alternate Universes group

Alternate Universes

Created by Faltarego in General Interest, Genres

It's just like here, only different.

View the Magical Realism group

Magical Realism

Created by EandL in Genres

Impossible yet possible

View the stories group


Created by GalacticNebula in Genres

this groupe is about the actual stories themselves no one cares for the capital letters or correct punctuation so if you have them good for you but here we focus only on the story.

View the Justice League group

Justice League

Created by babyrhinos in Fan Clubs, Genres, Just for Fun

The group for superhero fanboys like myself. Any story related to superpowered humans (or aliens?) is welcome here!

View the Share The Scare group

Share The Scare

Created by Vaughn in Clubs & Societies, Genres, Special Interest

Keep telling yourself "It's only a story! It's only a story!"