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View the Character Development group

Character Development

Created by smac972 in General Interest

Breathing life into the characters in your stories through realistic dialogue, description and action.

View the Imagination-Inspiration-Concentration group


Created by unknownsource404 in General Interest, Random, Writing Groups & Circles

For anyone who writes stories, poetry, character development - anything really. As long as it comes from your head and not someone else's, it's definitely welcome here~ ;D

View the Completed Works group

Completed Works

Created by Jackerbie in General Interest, Libraries

Looking for a finished story to read? We've got 'em here!

View the Midevil group


Created by Rissi in General Interest, Periods & Movements, Special Interest

This group is about anybody interested in the midevil times. You can write about princesses, knights, peasents, or anything else midevil.

View the Collaborative Corner group

Collaborative Corner

Created by nickb in Collaboration, General Interest, Writing Groups & Circles

Looking for help or feedback on a story you're working on? Stop by the Collaborative Corner and let us know about it!

View the India group


Created by kinnera in Communities, Culture, General Interest

For all Indians and Readers/Authors on India,

View the Comedy and humour group

Comedy and humour

Created by EotP in General Interest, Genres, Just for Fun

Learn and laugh, laugh and learn! The group for people who specialize in writing things to make people laugh (or at least, try to!), and for those who want to get better at it.

View the Mentoring group


Created by Scheherazade in Collaboration, General Interest, Writing Groups & Circles

A group to offer or seek help with whatever aspect of writing your heart or pen desires.

View the Anime Fan group

Anime Fan

Created by Gothicprincess97 in Fan Clubs, General Interest, Just for Fun

for anyone who is a fan of anime, your welcome here. Even if you've never watched anime before, you can still join.

View the Fan Fiction group

Fan Fiction

Created by Faltarego in Fan Fiction, General Interest

Want to jump into someone else's world and create new stories there? Let's talk about it here.

View the Plugging the Holes group

Plugging the Holes

Created by eponymouse in Communities, General Interest, Writing Groups & Circles

Hone your writing skills and learn new ones. Practice makes perfect!

View the Artistic Writers group

Artistic Writers

Created by mokierie in Authors, Book Art & Illustration, General Interest

Inspired by UTHS's P.A.W. Club; 2013-2014

View the Flash Fiction group

Flash Fiction

Created by AnaCristina in General Interest, Genres

Because a lot can happen in just a few words.

View the Poetry for Fun group

Poetry for Fun

Created by aryst0krat in General Interest, Just for Fun, Poetry

For those poets who prefer to stay away from the heavier stuff.

View the Author Interviews group

Author Interviews

Created by SeeThomasHowl in Authors, General Interest

Interviews with our own Protagonize authors!

View the Grammar & Usage group

Grammar & Usage

Created by Rac7hel in Communities, Education, General Interest

A collaborative resource for mastering all the technical aspects of language.

View the Post a Video group

Post a Video

Created by ibieber in General Interest, Just for Fun, Music & Lyrics

Post a Video of you doing a piece of Drama of reading a book!

View the Alternate Universes group

Alternate Universes

Created by Faltarego in General Interest, Genres

It's just like here, only different.

View the Constructive Cafe group

Constructive Cafe

Created by TalesOfAgo in Authors, General Interest, Writing Groups & Circles

On a drafty corner that's just across the street from the park lies the Constructive Cafe. Bring any questions and unfinished works that you would like help with, along with your coffee recipes. We'll help you out. :)

View the New Members group

New Members

Created by nickb in Communities, General Interest, Social

Are you new to Protagonize? This group is a great spot to learn the ropes and meet other authors.

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