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View the Gamers Corner group

Gamers Corner

Created by Russell in Fan Fiction, Just for Fun

Like video games? Join the club!

View the Manga, Anime, books and authors!!! group

Manga, Anime, books and authors!!!

Created by Gracelove in Authors, Fan Clubs, Fan Fiction

If you want to be a writer someday or want to read or want to wach some anime online? Then this is the right group for you!!!!

View the Manga fan club! group

Manga fan club!

Created by stories4u2read in Collaboration, Fan Fiction, Just for Fun

The place for manga fans to unite!

View the Beforus University group

Beforus University

Created by serkitten in Fan Fiction, Just for Fun

Offical group for the Beforus University AU project.

View the Sci fi/ fantasy collab group

Sci fi/ fantasy collab

Created by starwarsfreak117 in Collaboration, Fan Fiction, Genres

This group is about writing action, adventure, intrigue, and more. Anything sci fi or fantasy is welcome.

View the Crime group


Created by babyrhinos in Fan Clubs, Fan Fiction, Genres

The case that makes you, and the case that breaks you.

View the Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice; or is it Chains and Whips that Excite you? group

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice; or is it Chains and Whips that Excite you?

Created by PernDravion in Authors, Collaboration, Fan Fiction

This group if for everyone and everything! No spam would be much appreciated, but if you want some friendly or deep critisism just pop by and show us what you are made of!

View the Fan fiction collaborative group

Fan fiction collaborative

Created by Riona in Collaboration, Fan Fiction, Writing Groups & Circles

You can promote your fan-fiction work and look for other authors to help you. All kinds of fan fic are allowed such as : Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor who, Supernatural, Anime and etc.

View the Westfield's Worst group

Westfield's Worst

Created by labyrinthrider in Collaboration, Fan Fiction, Just for Fun

All things American Horror Story!!!!

View the Fan Fiction group

Fan Fiction

Created by Faltarego in Fan Fiction, General Interest

Want to jump into someone else's world and create new stories there? Let's talk about it here.

View the The FandomSecrets Apartment Complex group

The FandomSecrets Apartment Complex

Created by inkmage in Fan Clubs, Fan Fiction, Just for Fun

We're the group that makes FandomSecrets go 'round! (Well, that's probably the anons, if we're honest, but that's much less catchy.)

View the 201st Stryker Regiment group

201st Stryker Regiment

Created by BlackCatF in Fan Fiction, Special Interest

A group of casual players of the game MechWarrior Online. This group also happens to be hobby writers. We're looking for the right kind of stupid.

View the RWBY Fans group


Created by celticcoo22 in Collaboration, Fan Fiction, Websites

For the huntsmen and huntresses in all of us.