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Created by babyrhinos in Fan Clubs, Fan Fiction, Genres

The case that makes you, and the case that breaks you.

View the Myimmortal220's group group

Myimmortal220's group

Created by myimmortal220 in Fan Clubs, Just for Fun

Any fan's of mine who want some info or anything like maybe FAQ sometime if they want.

View the The Element Adventures group

The Element Adventures

Created by Aoife.J.Sherwood in Fan Clubs, Promotional, Special Interest

This is the one group where the world of Maegard runs rampant, the world of my main fantasy series, The Element Adventures. Here you are free to explore, though a warning: tread lightly on Bandit's Run, and do not look a blind Va'shar in the eye!

View the Justice League group

Justice League

Created by babyrhinos in Fan Clubs, Genres, Just for Fun

The group for superhero fanboys like myself. Any story related to superpowered humans (or aliens?) is welcome here!

View the Harry Potter Addicts group

Harry Potter Addicts

Created by LilyLovesOreos in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Fan Clubs

If Harry Potter is the same thing to you as Cocaine is to other people, this is your group.

View the Super Mario Sunshine group

Super Mario Sunshine

Created by Boom-Biscuit in Authors, Fan Clubs, Social

This group is for anyone who loves well... Mario! If your an old-school NES button basher, an epicness legend fanatic (like me) or a silent wanderer just trying to find salvation in the world, you're welcome here.

View the iBecka group


Created by SimpleBeauty in Fan Clubs, Just for Fun, Random

2 girls, 1 idea, there is only ONE iBECKA

View the Team Fortress 2 group

Team Fortress 2

Created by Rexcaliburr in Communities, Fan Clubs

If you're a fan of mercenaries who fight over gravel pits because their dead(ish) employers told them to, you've come to the right place. We're the home of the fandom of Team Fortress 2.

View the Dr. Who group

Dr. Who

Created by LemonFace in Communities, Fan Clubs, Just for Fun

For all those who think bow-ties are cool. And actually for those who don't, come to think of it.

View the The FandomSecrets Apartment Complex group

The FandomSecrets Apartment Complex

Created by inkmage in Fan Clubs, Fan Fiction, Just for Fun

We're the group that makes FandomSecrets go 'round! (Well, that's probably the anons, if we're honest, but that's much less catchy.)

View the Anime Fan group

Anime Fan

Created by Gothicprincess97 in Fan Clubs, General Interest, Just for Fun

for anyone who is a fan of anime, your welcome here. Even if you've never watched anime before, you can still join.

View the Manga, Anime, books and authors!!! group

Manga, Anime, books and authors!!!

Created by Gracelove in Authors, Fan Clubs, Fan Fiction

If you want to be a writer someday or want to read or want to wach some anime online? Then this is the right group for you!!!!

View the The Elder Scrolls group

The Elder Scrolls

Created by DTMN in Fan Clubs, Just for Fun, Special Interest

For all the war weary warriors, mages, heroes and villains of Tamriel.

View the FTH ~ From The Heart group

FTH ~ From The Heart

Created by sNICK in Authors, Fan Clubs, Music & Lyrics

"From the Heart, and Through the Pain: A Collection of Songs & Poems" by Nick Robinson

View the Pendragon-Lovers group


Created by WilliamCook in Authors, Book Art & Illustration, Fan Clubs

This is an ideal group for anyone who loves the Pendragon books. In my opinion they are the best in the world, so if you're a fan paying homage or some-one who wants to learn about the books or just thinks I'm cool you should join. Pep talk over.

View the There is no 'I' in Supers group

There is no 'I' in Supers

Created by DTMN in Authors, Fan Clubs, Writing Groups & Circles

For the authors of the story with the same title as the group.

View the JessRutland group


Created by JessRutland in Fan Clubs, Just for Fun, Poetry

Tell me what you think?

View the Team Jesus group

Team Jesus

Created by Lady.Arwen in Culture, Fan Clubs, Special Interest

Are you a Christian who wants to discuss Biblical issues and your relationship with God? Need some questions answered? This group is for you! Or are you just curious about Christianity? You are welcome too!!!! :D

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