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Life After Publishing Conference

Created by lapconference in Authors, Events

The 2012 Life After Publishing conference is taking on a whole new format. This year, Leon Mentzer, JP Jones, and Nicholas Clayton, are bringing their marketing filled sessions directly to you.

View the Memories of a Lifetime. group

Memories of a Lifetime.

Created by JFreak in Collaboration, Events, Special Interest

Four people will be in this collab. I would like to have 3 other people join me in this collab. They have to be able to share their memories, good or bad. Also, they shouldn't be too busy. I would need them to post pretty regularly. Join if you want. :)

View the Achilles and Hector Collab group

Achilles and Hector Collab

Created by Lilley in Collaboration, Culture, Events

Bringing the great Trojan war to life for a new generation.

View the The Poetry Workshop group

The Poetry Workshop

Created by FogCat in Events, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

Improving our poetry, together.