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Created by elf in Collaboration, Education

Character help. Creating, naming, being in chatpracter. It is all in here to help you. Please come and join in if not to help yourself, then to help others!!!

View the How do I ..? group

How do I ..?

Created by NooFoo_the_Odd in Education

Umm ... I'm stuck!

View the 7th/ 8th Grade English group

7th/ 8th Grade English

Created by hrichmond in Education

Create and publish your journal entries and epistolary short stories here!

View the Digital Humanities Group group

Digital Humanities Group

Created by anne81319 in Collaboration, Education

Collaboration of students creating stories

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Created by MooMoo in Communities, Education

Have a question? Ask it here! Have an answer? Feel free to share your knowledge!

View the Creative Descriptions group

Creative Descriptions

Created by marcuslee in Collecting, Education, Libraries

When you have writer's block and you don't know how to describe a scene, this is the place to come.

View the Mr. Falconi's Pseudo-Literature Class group

Mr. Falconi's Pseudo-Literature Class

Created by falco318 in Education

The place for all the muses of Mr. Falconi's Pseudo-Literature Class to come together to create, critique and collaborate.

View the 9th Grade English group

9th Grade English

Created by hrichmond in Education

Create and publish your journal entries and epistolary short stories here!

View the Educational Technology group

Educational Technology

Created by pamela.walsh in Education

A Virtual Space for editing, proofreading, and sharing.

View the Self-Help group


Created by Taelortot in Collaboration, Education, Poetry

For those of us struggling with life, self image, and everything in between.

View the BGS Creative Writing Club group

BGS Creative Writing Club

Created by miriamjoywrites in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Education

A group for the Bexley Grammar School Creative Writing Club

View the Grammar & Usage group

Grammar & Usage

Created by Rac7hel in Communities, Education, General Interest

A collaborative resource for mastering all the technical aspects of language.

View the Creative Writing - Achva 2016/7 group

Creative Writing - Achva 2016/7

Created by LauraM in Education, Foreign Language, Poetry

A bunch of students writing poetry in (mostly) L2

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Created by mrferlazzo in Education


View the Alcantara English Camp 2012 group

Alcantara English Camp 2012

Created by yogurtur in Collaboration, Education, Foreign Language

Writing projects for learning English

View the Foreign Languages group

Foreign Languages

Created by Rac7hel in Collaboration, Culture, Education

For writing, reading, and talking in other languages!

View the Spanish Writing Group group

Spanish Writing Group

Created by amberhoye in Education

Group for Span 444

View the 2016 Reading group

2016 Reading

Created by kerry.whitehead in Education

Upload your works of art here

View the Creative Writing Degree 2013 group

Creative Writing Degree 2013

Created by Adam_Ward in Authors, Education, Poetry

Degree level work...students love to critique!!

View the MSVU Cohort group

MSVU Cohort

Created by honeybadgerbri in Collaboration, Communities, Education

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