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View the Achilles and Hector Collab group

Achilles and Hector Collab

Created by Lilley in Collaboration, Culture, Events

Bringing the great Trojan war to life for a new generation.

View the talisker group


Created by wfletcher in Collaboration, Culture, Just for Fun


View the India group


Created by kinnera in Communities, Culture, General Interest

For all Indians and Readers/Authors on India,

View the Albertans Unite!! group

Albertans Unite!!

Created by Seraphim'sZephyr in Communities, Culture, Social

A Group of People From That Most Awesome Province in Canada

View the Team Jesus group

Team Jesus

Created by Lady.Arwen in Culture, Fan Clubs, Special Interest

Are you a Christian who wants to discuss Biblical issues and your relationship with God? Need some questions answered? This group is for you! Or are you just curious about Christianity? You are welcome too!!!! :D

View the Foreign Languages group

Foreign Languages

Created by Rac7hel in Collaboration, Culture, Education

For writing, reading, and talking in other languages!

View the The Bastorcammon group

The Bastorcammon

Created by SunandtheirWitness in Book Art & Illustration, Culture, Screenwriting

The Probable Inquiry imperative

View the History Hub group

History Hub

Created by ZillaGirl in Collaboration, Culture, Periods & Movements

History is the story of the world, the story of us.

View the Urban Minority Writers group

Urban Minority Writers

Created by Deep_V in Communities, Culture, General Interest

Discuss, critique, post and chat. A group for our very small niche in the writing commuity. We are out there, here is our chance to come together and vibe to our own unique rythem.

View the Barefoot Writers Club group

Barefoot Writers Club

Created by MindyMcHorse in Clubs & Societies, Culture, Sponsored

If you want a writing career you can actually get paid for, this group's for you. We talk about the loads of ways writers can make a great living without having a side J-O-B.

View the The Alarming Society of Conscious Thought group

The Alarming Society of Conscious Thought

Created by SunandtheirWitness in Clubs & Societies, Culture, Special Interest

Truthful honesty and clever uncertainty, we would like to answer for ourselves the reasons for reasons, and the stories they dye. By stories that speak.

View the Native American Writers and Those Who Love Them group

Native American Writers and Those Who Love Them

Created by Jalagi in Authors, Collaboration, Culture

A group for native americans, members, descendants and those who are merely interested.

View the (South) Korean Hairdressers group

(South) Korean Hairdressers

Created by Plume_Nom in Culture, Foreign Language, Periods & Movements

For those interested in writing about cutting hair while in South Korea.

View the New Empire City group

New Empire City

Created by Deep_V in Collaboration, Culture

New York meets Atlanta, meets Chicago, meets Metropolis. This is a city filled with heroes, villains, mythical creatures and your everyday man just trying to get by. Only the strong survive. Welcome to New Empire City.