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View the Critiques, reviews and editing group

Critiques, reviews and editing

Created by DanniTaylor in Communities, Literary Reviews & Journals

This group is dedicated to all pieces, large and small alike, for re-writing, critiques, reviews, mentoring and editing to make it as good as it can be.

View the MSVU Cohort group

MSVU Cohort

Created by honeybadgerbri in Collaboration, Communities, Education

Masters of of the Digital Age

View the Social Justice Group group

Social Justice Group

Created by Juliia in Communities, Organizations, Special Interest

A group dedicated to talking and writing about the experience of being queer, disabled, a woman, a trans*person, a person of color, or in some other religious, socio-economic, or other minority.

View the All Things Zombies group

All Things Zombies

Created by IQIncorporated in Communities, Just for Fun, Special Interest

When there are no Zombies groups, I.Q will rise

View the Romantic Works group

Romantic Works

Created by Silence.Dawns in Communities, General Interest, Special Interest

Any Romantic Writings stashed away under your bed? Or have you ever felt like wanting to just put something out in the open for the World to view? If you have..May I suggest this place?

View the Grammar & Usage group

Grammar & Usage

Created by Rac7hel in Communities, Education, General Interest

A collaborative resource for mastering all the technical aspects of language.

View the Plugging the Holes group

Plugging the Holes

Created by eponymouse in Communities, General Interest, Writing Groups & Circles

Hone your writing skills and learn new ones. Practice makes perfect!

View the Friend Finder group

Friend Finder

Created by CurasiTayo in Communities, Just for Fun, Social

Want to make friends on protagonize? Well this is the group to join! Anyone and everyone is welcome!

View the New Members group

New Members

Created by nickb in Communities, General Interest, Social

Are you new to Protagonize? This group is a great spot to learn the ropes and meet other authors.

View the Armistice Guard group

Armistice Guard

Created by Archanglex in Collaboration, Communities, Writing Groups & Circles

Omni Hominum Generi Fiat; For Humanity. This group is a community of writers who collaborate and write in the Armistice Guard universe.

View the LGBTS community group

LGBTS community

Created by Stargazer in Collaboration, Communities, Social

All those members of the LGBT on this site- let's get together!

View the Science Fiction group

Science Fiction

Created by LemonFace in Clubs & Societies, Communities, Genres

Because the speed of light is tardy!

View the Dr. Who group

Dr. Who

Created by LemonFace in Communities, Fan Clubs, Just for Fun

For all those who think bow-ties are cool. And actually for those who don't, come to think of it.

View the NaNoWriMo Participants group

NaNoWriMo Participants

Created by ElzuWolfe in Communities, Contests & Competitions, Writing Groups & Circles

Thirty days and nights of literary abandon!

View the Albertans Unite!! group

Albertans Unite!!

Created by Seraphim'sZephyr in Communities, Culture, Social

A Group of People From That Most Awesome Province in Canada

View the India group


Created by kinnera in Communities, Culture, General Interest

For all Indians and Readers/Authors on India,

View the Q&A group


Created by MooMoo in Communities, Education

Have a question? Ask it here! Have an answer? Feel free to share your knowledge!

View the Heidelberg Lion Buddies group

Heidelberg Lion Buddies

Created by Shally16 in Collaboration, Communities, Just for Fun

Group for us, because we're awesome! :)

View the Potato Union group

Potato Union

Created by bloopidoop2 in Authors, Collaboration, Communities

Awesome authors who met on protagonize, and became fairly close friends.

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