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View the Apon Descending group

Apon Descending

Created by Apon_Descending in Collaboration

Follow hand-picked students at MASK's elite spy school located in Chicago.

View the Bloody Rose Mansion group

Bloody Rose Mansion

Created by Cadapech in Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

Ghost, demons, psychopaths, welcome home.

View the Anime Collaboration group

Anime Collaboration

Created by Fictionlife in Collaboration

Making anime and getting the fans

View the BloodPearl group


Created by Emeralia in Authors, Collaboration, Genres

We love to write make sure to post

View the Achilles and Hector Collab group

Achilles and Hector Collab

Created by Lilley in Collaboration, Culture, Events

Bringing the great Trojan war to life for a new generation.

View the Awesome group


Created by arthursfamilyvacation in Collaboration

wicked awesome tottally man i know right



Created by AnnabelleRose in Collaboration, Collecting, Writing Groups & Circles

A call for embarrassing, gross, funny roommate stories!

View the Alcantara English Camp 2012 group

Alcantara English Camp 2012

Created by yogurtur in Collaboration, Education, Foreign Language

Writing projects for learning English

View the BGS Creative Writing Club group

BGS Creative Writing Club

Created by miriamjoywrites in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Education

A group for the Bexley Grammar School Creative Writing Club

View the American Lit group

American Lit

Created by carolrolive in Collaboration

#creativewriting #prompts #characterdevelopment

View the Blackout 20/20 group

Blackout 20/20

Created by cashcraft in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

An IA Creative Writing Club collaborative writing manifesto. Creativity required.

View the Artists with Words group

Artists with Words

Created by TattedPocahontas in Authors, Collaboration, Social

We paint with our words. We create images of great battles and diminish the worlds with the stroke of a pen. The truest love stories come from deep within our hearts and pour out through our fingers. We are Artists who use Words.

View the Books n' Stuff group

Books n' Stuff

Created by S.Troy32 in Authors, Collaboration

We are engaged in the uncovering of many of the deepest, darkest mysteries hidden with our own minds.

View the Action and Destruction group

Action and Destruction

Created by chimerakiller2 in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Random

Violence, Action, Gore, Glory, Battles, Fists, Wars, Fight!

View the Awesome Roleplaying group

Awesome Roleplaying

Created by Hikaru101 in Collaboration

Come join this group and You will can join lots of roleplays :D

View the Camp NaNoWriMo Participants! group

Camp NaNoWriMo Participants!

Created by madihatter in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Contests & Competitions

It's like NaNoWriMo, but in the summer.

View the "The Weeping Rose" - A fantasy novel loosely inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" group

"The Weeping Rose" - A fantasy novel loosely inspired by "Alice in Wonderland"

Created by WTAnderton in Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

Here I am hoping to develop a novel set in my fantasy world based very loosely on "Alice in Wonderland". I will write the novel myself, but you all can help me develop it!

View the Armistice Guard group

Armistice Guard

Created by Archanglex in Collaboration, Communities, Writing Groups & Circles

Omni Hominum Generi Fiat; For Humanity. This group is a community of writers who collaborate and write in the Armistice Guard universe.

View the Bloody Scythes group

Bloody Scythes

Created by Cadapech in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration

Where crimes are vicious, and the stakes are large. The Bloody Scythes are in charge.

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