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View the Camp NaNoWriMo Participants! group

Camp NaNoWriMo Participants!

Created by madihatter in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Contests & Competitions

It's like NaNoWriMo, but in the summer.

View the panda , tiger , and koala crazy!!! group

panda , tiger , and koala crazy!!!

Created by michelamarris in Clubs & Societies

for panda tiger or koala lovers!!

View the Bloody Scythes group

Bloody Scythes

Created by Cadapech in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration

Where crimes are vicious, and the stakes are large. The Bloody Scythes are in charge.

View the Order Of The Calliope group

Order Of The Calliope

Created by Euterpe in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Just for Fun

This charter declares all members in our group shall roleplay with infinate freedom and true path of happiness. Those who spam, create worthless fights, and chaos shall be excluded.

View the Blackout 20/20 group

Blackout 20/20

Created by cashcraft in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

An IA Creative Writing Club collaborative writing manifesto. Creativity required.

View the NUCA Scribes group

NUCA Scribes

Created by candyfloss in Book Art & Illustration, Clubs & Societies, Just for Fun

Art students gone on literary rampage.

View the The Alarming Society of Conscious Thought group

The Alarming Society of Conscious Thought

Created by SunandtheirWitness in Clubs & Societies, Culture, Special Interest

Truthful honesty and clever uncertainty, we would like to answer for ourselves the reasons for reasons, and the stories they dye. By stories that speak.

View the BGS Creative Writing Club group

BGS Creative Writing Club

Created by miriamjoywrites in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Education

A group for the Bexley Grammar School Creative Writing Club

View the HUMS Writing Circle group

HUMS Writing Circle

Created by Will_B_OK in Clubs & Societies, Social, Writing Groups & Circles

A place for Carleton Humanities students and friends to share, collaborate on, and critique each other's creative written work. It's like the Lounge, but virtual!

View the What You're Reading group

What You're Reading

Created by nickb in Authors, Clubs & Societies, Social

What's on your bookshelf? Let us know what you're reading & discuss your favourite books!

View the Barefoot Writers Club group

Barefoot Writers Club

Created by MindyMcHorse in Clubs & Societies, Culture, Sponsored

If you want a writing career you can actually get paid for, this group's for you. We talk about the loads of ways writers can make a great living without having a side J-O-B.

View the Harry Potter Addicts group

Harry Potter Addicts

Created by LilyLovesOreos in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Fan Clubs

If Harry Potter is the same thing to you as Cocaine is to other people, this is your group.

View the The Protagonize Revelations group

The Protagonize Revelations

Created by Trish in Clubs & Societies, Social, Special Interest

There are stories inside each and every one of us waiting to be told. It's time we let them out.

View the AHS Creative Writing group

AHS Creative Writing

Created by Hypaethral in Authors, Clubs & Societies, Writing Groups & Circles

Ashland High School Creative Writing Club Online

View the Coldwater Writer's Guild group

Coldwater Writer's Guild

Created by Seattle in Authors, Clubs & Societies, Writing Groups & Circles

Writers of Coldwater assembling for strength and support, building our skills as young writers.

View the Share The Scare group

Share The Scare

Created by Vaughn in Clubs & Societies, Genres, Special Interest

Keep telling yourself "It's only a story! It's only a story!"

View the Choose Your Own Addventure! group

Choose Your Own Addventure!

Created by Jackerbie in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Social

Addventure lovers, assemble! Well, if you want to, that is. The choice is always yours.

View the Science Fiction group

Science Fiction

Created by LemonFace in Clubs & Societies, Communities, Genres

Because the speed of light is tardy!

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