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View the NUCA Scribes group

NUCA Scribes

Created by candyfloss in Book Art & Illustration, Clubs & Societies, Just for Fun

Art students gone on literary rampage.

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Created by lionunicorn in Authors, Book Art & Illustration


View the Doodle Me group

Doodle Me

Created by Ibrahim2 in Book Art & Illustration

If ur a doodlng fan then u' ll luv this groop!

View the 7-11 Project group

7-11 Project

Created by MsEMacD in Book Art & Illustration

Cooperative work

View the Artistic Writers group

Artistic Writers

Created by mokierie in Authors, Book Art & Illustration, General Interest

Inspired by UTHS's P.A.W. Club; 2013-2014

View the New Illustrations group

New Illustrations

Created by iKonekoKarin in Book Art & Illustration, Contests & Competitions, Just for Fun

Have a request for a character or a scene from your story to come to life in a drawing? Well then join this group! Aspiring artists are always welcome and we could always use more! :D

View the The Bastorcammon group

The Bastorcammon

Created by SunandtheirWitness in Book Art & Illustration, Culture, Screenwriting

The Probable Inquiry imperative

View the Illustrations. group


Created by HeavenLeighNeko in Book Art & Illustration, Contests & Competitions, Random

Want to actually see a part of your story illustrated? this is the right group. Or if you like to draw and would like to provide a fun service to others, or just are at a block of what to draw join too!

View the Miscellaneous group


Created by Shiriasu in Authors, Book Art & Illustration, Writing Groups & Circles

We are the scraps of ideas that were not accepted in other groups, we use these miscellaneous ideas to create. Do a roleplay, a story, poem, etc. Lets be the best!

View the Pendragon-Lovers group


Created by WilliamCook in Authors, Book Art & Illustration, Fan Clubs

This is an ideal group for anyone who loves the Pendragon books. In my opinion they are the best in the world, so if you're a fan paying homage or some-one who wants to learn about the books or just thinks I'm cool you should join. Pep talk over.