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View the I'll read yours if you read mine group

I'll read yours if you read mine

Created by DarkFluoresce in Authors, Social, Writing Groups & Circles

This group quite simple... If a person reads your story or poem, then you read that person's story or poem. Simple and fair. Give each other feedback if you want and it benefits everybody.

View the The Poetry Workshop group

The Poetry Workshop

Created by FogCat in Events, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

Improving our poetry, together.

View the Fan fiction collaborative group

Fan fiction collaborative

Created by Riona in Collaboration, Fan Fiction, Writing Groups & Circles

You can promote your fan-fiction work and look for other authors to help you. All kinds of fan fic are allowed such as : Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor who, Supernatural, Anime and etc.

View the Poets of Tomorrow group

Poets of Tomorrow

Created by Verse47 in Authors, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

Even Shakespeare had to start somewhere!

View the Romantic Travels group

Romantic Travels

Created by CrystalRose in Authors, Collaboration, Genres

Something that will never die Romance, Heartbreak, Passion..... Love.

View the Completed Works group

Completed Works

Created by Jackerbie in General Interest, Libraries

Looking for a finished story to read? We've got 'em here!

View the War of the Words Coliseum group

War of the Words Coliseum

Created by MattForgenti in Contests & Competitions

This is a battlegroud where writers can go head-to-head, using their ingenuity, their wit, and their words to try in verbal battles. Warning: only the crazed can survive in this mad place.

View the LGBTS community group

LGBTS community

Created by Stargazer in Collaboration, Communities, Social

All those members of the LGBT on this site- let's get together!

View the Sanctuary For The Darklings group

Sanctuary For The Darklings

Created by TheRosesBloom in Collaboration, Random, Social

For those of us a little too tainted with shadow...There is a home for you here.

View the Dark, Destructive, and Possibly Beautiful. group

Dark, Destructive, and Possibly Beautiful.

Created by Silence.Dawns in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Special Interest

Feel free to enlighten us with your dark destructive powers. Perhaps you can strike fear into our hearts. Or could find some..similar minions.

View the Dark Poets Society group

Dark Poets Society

Created by peggy in Poetry

This group is recommended for those who love to write poems when they are feeling low and usually end up with some thing Gothic.

View the Horror Lovers group

Horror Lovers

Created by SlowWriter in Authors

A place for those who seek to find bonechilling stories or read them.

View the Haunted group


Created by LeahJH in Genres

For authors that write your little night bumps...

View the Fantasy group


Created by Colm in Collaboration

For those of you who love the fantasy genre; be it to read it, or to write in it, this is the group for you!

View the Galactic Mercenaries group

Galactic Mercenaries

Created by Russell in Collaboration

For the Mercenaries collab topic in CC.

View the Young Writers group

Young Writers

Created by Sareneth in Social, Writing Groups & Circles

Because we all know that older is not necessarily better.

View the All Things Harry Potter group

All Things Harry Potter

Created by Immzie in Just for Fun

Do you love the Potter books? Or Films? This is the place for you! Just if you want a chat about it, or to put you Potter Work on here. The Potter fans are here!

View the Lore Group. group

Lore Group.

Created by Ecksluss in Collaboration

Catchy group right here. woohoo taglines