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View the Raters Not Haters group

Raters Not Haters

Created by Aria_Alto in Promotional

Looking for ratings but don't want completely dishonest ones? Come on in!

View the Fan Fiction group

Fan Fiction

Created by Faltarego in Fan Fiction, General Interest

Want to jump into someone else's world and create new stories there? Let's talk about it here.

View the Romantic Travels group

Romantic Travels

Created by CrystalRose in Authors, Collaboration, Genres

Something that will never die Romance, Heartbreak, Passion..... Love.

View the Lover's Peak group

Lover's Peak

Created by LeCoupeDeFoudre in Just for Fun, Random, Writing Groups & Circles

Love romance? Love... love? ARE YOU A HOPELESS ROMANTIC? Do you say 'Awww' at those cutesy points in a movie? If you are, join, join, join!

View the Awesome Roleplaying group

Awesome Roleplaying

Created by Hikaru101 in Collaboration

Come join this group and You will can join lots of roleplays :D

View the Fairytale Lovers Unite! group

Fairytale Lovers Unite!

Created by dottylotti in Just for Fun

For all those people who love fairy godmothers, princesses trapped in towers and knights in shining armour. Fairytale lovers unite!

View the Text Based Roleplayers Unite! group

Text Based Roleplayers Unite!

Created by CraziestToaster in Social, Special Interest, Writing Groups & Circles

A place to experience unbelievable fantasy!

View the Gamers Corner group

Gamers Corner

Created by Russell in Fan Fiction, Just for Fun

Like video games? Join the club!

View the Sci fi/ fantasy collab group

Sci fi/ fantasy collab

Created by starwarsfreak117 in Collaboration, Fan Fiction, Genres

This group is about writing action, adventure, intrigue, and more. Anything sci fi or fantasy is welcome.

View the Anime Fan group

Anime Fan

Created by Gothicprincess97 in Fan Clubs, General Interest, Just for Fun

for anyone who is a fan of anime, your welcome here. Even if you've never watched anime before, you can still join.

View the Author Interviews group

Author Interviews

Created by SeeThomasHowl in Authors, General Interest

Interviews with our own Protagonize authors!

View the Character Development group

Character Development

Created by smac972 in General Interest

Breathing life into the characters in your stories through realistic dialogue, description and action.

View the Young Adult Fiction group

Young Adult Fiction

Created by LuneXian in Collaboration, Genres, Special Interest

For those who enjoy anything YA, this is for you.

View the Fantasy group


Created by Colm in Collaboration

For those of you who love the fantasy genre; be it to read it, or to write in it, this is the group for you!

View the Weekly Writers group

Weekly Writers

Created by Jackerbie in General Interest, Just for Fun

Short prompts for short stories, every week!

View the The Protagonize Revelations group

The Protagonize Revelations

Created by Trish in Clubs & Societies, Social, Special Interest

There are stories inside each and every one of us waiting to be told. It's time we let them out.

View the Young Writers group

Young Writers

Created by Sareneth in Social, Writing Groups & Circles

Because we all know that older is not necessarily better.