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View the The Collaboratory group

The Collaboratory

Created by Dylan_McFly in Collaboration, Education

No one ever truly writes alone.

View the The Sly Monster's Howl group

The Sly Monster's Howl

Created by Lachness-Monster in Authors, Social, Writing Groups & Circles

Giving sneaky monsters a place to roar.

View the Coldwater Writer's Guild group

Coldwater Writer's Guild

Created by Seattle in Authors, Clubs & Societies, Writing Groups & Circles

Writers of Coldwater assembling for strength and support, building our skills as young writers.

View the Characters group


Created by elf in Collaboration, Education

Character help. Creating, naming, being in chatpracter. It is all in here to help you. Please come and join in if not to help yourself, then to help others!!!

View the General Collaborative collaborate group

General Collaborative collaborate

Created by JonahLeeFG in Collaboration

People working together. Hopefully. Join me!

View the Alcantara English Camp 2012 group

Alcantara English Camp 2012

Created by yogurtur in Collaboration, Education, Foreign Language

Writing projects for learning English

View the Zombie Apocalypse group

Zombie Apocalypse

Created by Abaddon in Collaboration, Genres, Special Interest

Some evolve. Some decompose. There's a horde of tangents to reAnimate, we just put a fresh face on this villainous corpse!

View the Depression and Recovery. group

Depression and Recovery.

Created by JennaBeelack in Writing Groups & Circles

For all of those who wish to share their work, thoughts, and progress.

View the There is no 'I' in Supers group

There is no 'I' in Supers

Created by DTMN in Authors, Fan Clubs, Writing Groups & Circles

For the authors of the story with the same title as the group.

View the Heralds of the Apocalypse group

Heralds of the Apocalypse

Created by Mortis in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Special Interest

We greet you with open arms, for the coming Apocalypse will not.

View the The cool people group

The cool people

Created by jackthefish in Authors, Collecting, Communities

us, cool, ola

View the Postcards for the Soul group

Postcards for the Soul

Created by sNICK in Authors, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

An Anthology of Short Verse Love Poems

View the Short Poetry, Short Prose group

Short Poetry, Short Prose

Created by GoldenEarthAngel in General Interest, Just for Fun, Random

Because sometimes things are better said short.

View the The Awesomers group

The Awesomers

Created by MooMoo in Communities, General Interest, Just for Fun

Dedicated to all those awesome folk ;)

View the Frost Bitten (temp. Name) group

Frost Bitten (temp. Name)

Created by Wolfgang in Collaboration

supernatural; romance; mythology; drama; action; mature themes;

View the JessRutland group


Created by JessRutland in Fan Clubs, Just for Fun, Poetry

Tell me what you think?

View the The Brilliant Idea group

The Brilliant Idea

Created by Alinzar in Authors, Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

Use this to discuss all of the various components of the (working title) Brilliant Idea.

View the Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice; or is it Chains and Whips that Excite you? group

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice; or is it Chains and Whips that Excite you?

Created by PernDravion in Authors, Collaboration, Fan Fiction

This group if for everyone and everything! No spam would be much appreciated, but if you want some friendly or deep critisism just pop by and show us what you are made of!

View the The Elder Scrolls group

The Elder Scrolls

Created by DTMN in Fan Clubs, Just for Fun, Special Interest

For all the war weary warriors, mages, heroes and villains of Tamriel.

View the stories group


Created by GalacticNebula in Genres

this groupe is about the actual stories themselves no one cares for the capital letters or correct punctuation so if you have them good for you but here we focus only on the story.

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