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View the Share The Scare group

Share The Scare

Created by Vaughn in Clubs & Societies, Genres, Special Interest

Keep telling yourself "It's only a story! It's only a story!"

View the Q&A group


Created by MooMoo in Communities, Education

Have a question? Ask it here! Have an answer? Feel free to share your knowledge!

View the The Nebula Paradox group

The Nebula Paradox

Created by DTMN in Authors, Writing Groups & Circles

The writers page for The Nebula Paradox

View the Post a Video group

Post a Video

Created by ibieber in General Interest, Just for Fun, Music & Lyrics

Post a Video of you doing a piece of Drama of reading a book!

View the Dreams group


Created by hungergameslover in Just for Fun

Have you ever had a dream so peculiar you had to write down what happened? Well here's a group for stories based off of dreams.

View the Typicαℓ Tєєηagєrs Sequel group

Typicαℓ Tєєηagєrs Sequel

Created by ImprintedHeart in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Writing Groups & Circles

Sequel to the popular collab Typicαℓ Tєєηagєrs

View the The Teranore Tavern group

The Teranore Tavern

Created by DTMN in Authors, Collaboration, Special Interest

The Heroes Of Teranore's favourite place to sit down, and have a drink and disucss the battles, rumours and gossip ( Thats right! Heroes like to gossip to ) of the day.

View the Three Brother's Collab. Group group

Three Brother's Collab. Group

Created by starwarsfreak117 in Authors, Collaboration, Just for Fun

A group for my two brothers and I.

View the Sci fi/ fantasy collab group

Sci fi/ fantasy collab

Created by starwarsfreak117 in Collaboration, Fan Fiction, Genres

This group is about writing action, adventure, intrigue, and more. Anything sci fi or fantasy is welcome.

View the Antagonists group


Created by Maximillius in Just for Fun, Social, Special Interest

This is a group dedicated to all those bad characters out there. A recognition to the main characters from the shadow who try their best to thwart the good guys.

View the HUMS Writing Circle group

HUMS Writing Circle

Created by Will_B_OK in Clubs & Societies, Social, Writing Groups & Circles

A place for Carleton Humanities students and friends to share, collaborate on, and critique each other's creative written work. It's like the Lounge, but virtual!

View the Action and Destruction group

Action and Destruction

Created by chimerakiller2 in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Random

Violence, Action, Gore, Glory, Battles, Fists, Wars, Fight!

View the Borderland's authors group

Borderland's authors

Created by borderman.badillo in Authors

We are all half something, half something else This groups is for all that are like this. yes combine war and romance, terror and that sweet home feeling.

View the Weird in a Good Way group

Weird in a Good Way

Created by Shelby in Collecting, Just for Fun, Social

We're all different... maybe even eccentric... But isn't life more fun that way?

View the Bloody Scythes group

Bloody Scythes

Created by Cadapech in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration

Where crimes are vicious, and the stakes are large. The Bloody Scythes are in charge.

View the Heroes of History (closed collab) group

Heroes of History (closed collab)

Created by Arah in Random

Greek Mythology, random comments

View the Choose Your Own Addventure! group

Choose Your Own Addventure!

Created by Jackerbie in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Social

Addventure lovers, assemble! Well, if you want to, that is. The choice is always yours.

View the Wolf's Side Switch Group group

Wolf's Side Switch Group

Created by TheBluejay in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Special Interest

Hmm well it's about Wolfy's super story I guess :P XD

View the Need Some Help?? group

Need Some Help??

Created by HarryPotter.lover in Just for Fun, Special Interest

Do you need some help??

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