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View the Theories of Teaching and Learning group

Theories of Teaching and Learning

Created by Caseface in Collaboration

Future Teachers!

View the Bloody Rose Mansion group

Bloody Rose Mansion

Created by Cadapech in Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

Ghost, demons, psychopaths, welcome home.

View the Story endings group

Story endings

Created by elf in Authors

You ever been stuck on how to end your stories? Here is the group for you.

View the Love in the Digital Age group

Love in the Digital Age

Created by garrettammon in Collaboration

Let's Create Something Incredible Together.

View the Soon To be Stars group

Soon To be Stars

Created by LilyLovesOreos in Random

It's sort of like a blog, that lot's of people can post to and for people who want to be famous.

View the Dark of the Night Saga group

Dark of the Night Saga

Created by Colm in Publishing, Writing Groups & Circles

The official group for the Dark of the Night Saga. The original trilogy; its prequels and all of the follow-up series.

View the Critiques, reviews and editing group

Critiques, reviews and editing

Created by DanniTaylor in Communities, Literary Reviews & Journals

This group is dedicated to all pieces, large and small alike, for re-writing, critiques, reviews, mentoring and editing to make it as good as it can be.

View the Harry Potter Addicts group

Harry Potter Addicts

Created by LilyLovesOreos in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Fan Clubs

If Harry Potter is the same thing to you as Cocaine is to other people, this is your group.

View the Creative Corner group

Creative Corner

Created by LouisaJo in Just for Fun

Do you have great ideas you're itching to share? Titles with no place? Need inspiration? You're at the right place!

View the Nightshade collab group

Nightshade collab

Created by SydneyJade in Collaboration

For planning and brainstorming

View the Fantandein group


Created by Stargazer in Collaboration, Special Interest

A magical world where creatures and races live together in a natural harmony.

View the Myimmortal220's group group

Myimmortal220's group

Created by myimmortal220 in Fan Clubs, Just for Fun

Any fan's of mine who want some info or anything like maybe FAQ sometime if they want.

View the Manga, Anime, books and authors!!! group

Manga, Anime, books and authors!!!

Created by Gracelove in Authors, Fan Clubs, Fan Fiction

If you want to be a writer someday or want to read or want to wach some anime online? Then this is the right group for you!!!!

View the Yahtzee group


Created by Dyerz in Journalism


View the India group


Created by kinnera in Communities, Culture, General Interest

For all Indians and Readers/Authors on India,

View the Constructive Cafe group

Constructive Cafe

Created by TalesOfAgo in Authors, General Interest, Writing Groups & Circles

On a drafty corner that's just across the street from the park lies the Constructive Cafe. Bring any questions and unfinished works that you would like help with, along with your coffee recipes. We'll help you out. :)

View the MSVU Cohort group

MSVU Cohort

Created by honeybadgerbri in Collaboration, Communities, Education

Masters of of the Digital Age

View the Avatards group


Created by VictoriaGlass in Special Interest

Do you love James Cameron's hit movie 'Avatar'?

View the Project: City group

Project: City

Created by MatthewBlake in Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

This is a group collaborating on a writing excercise set in a fictional City in a fantasy future.

View the Completed Works group

Completed Works

Created by Jackerbie in General Interest, Libraries

Looking for a finished story to read? We've got 'em here!

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