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View the Dark, Destructive, and Possibly Beautiful. group

Dark, Destructive, and Possibly Beautiful.

Created by Silence.Dawns in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Special Interest

Feel free to enlighten us with your dark destructive powers. Perhaps you can strike fear into our hearts. Or could find some..similar minions.

View the The Bards group

The Bards

Created by Aeon in Authors, Collaboration, General Interest

For protagonize writers who want recognition. This is a mutual support group designed to help each other get published. This is a group of writers, for writers.

View the Motive Forgot Us group

Motive Forgot Us

Created by TheGirlInTheCupboard in Just for Fun

Are you a writer without a cause? Or maybe you have one, but still wanna join an awesomely random group? Well here it is!

View the The Floydian Collab :-) group

The Floydian Collab :-)

Created by xLittleHill_TheIrishGirlx in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Random

This is going to be interesting... yet hilarious I'm sure :D

View the ENGL 388 Collaborative story group

ENGL 388 Collaborative story

Created by AaronL. in Writing Groups & Circles

Our Collaborative story.

View the Plugging the Holes group

Plugging the Holes

Created by eponymouse in Communities, General Interest, Writing Groups & Circles

Hone your writing skills and learn new ones. Practice makes perfect!

View the Achilles and Hector Collab group

Achilles and Hector Collab

Created by Lilley in Collaboration, Culture, Events

Bringing the great Trojan war to life for a new generation.

View the My Last Day Development Group group

My Last Day Development Group

Created by TheBluejay in Collaboration, Just for Fun

This is for myself, Temglin and Never LettinGo to post our ideas and decide on the future story plot etc...

View the My little old group group

My little old group

Created by Nyxie in Authors, Genres, Random

Oh dear, I think my brain exploded into randomness.

View the Discussion 'Living with Flames' group

Discussion 'Living with Flames'

Created by xLittleHill_TheIrishGirlx in Authors, Collaboration, Social

Just for Nightshadedark and xLilHillx :-)

View the Short Form Poetry group

Short Form Poetry

Created by Southernemma in Poetry

A place where writers of haiku, cinquains, limericks, and other short form poetry can gather.

View the We Wanted To Be Writers group

We Wanted To Be Writers

Created by DChan in Authors, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

Creative writing tidbits from alumni of the legendary Iowa Writers' Workshop

View the Musae group


Created by Nalcania2 in Collaboration, Just for Fun

An artistic struggle beyond average measure.

View the Theories of Teaching and Learning group

Theories of Teaching and Learning

Created by Caseface in Collaboration

Future Teachers!

View the Bloody Rose Mansion group

Bloody Rose Mansion

Created by Cadapech in Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

Ghost, demons, psychopaths, welcome home.

View the Story endings group

Story endings

Created by elf in Authors

You ever been stuck on how to end your stories? Here is the group for you.

View the Love in the Digital Age group

Love in the Digital Age

Created by garrettammon in Collaboration

Let's Create Something Incredible Together.

View the Soon To be Stars group

Soon To be Stars

Created by LilyLovesOreos in Random

It's sort of like a blog, that lot's of people can post to and for people who want to be famous.

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