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View the Where Do I Go Now? group

Where Do I Go Now?

Created by Seattle in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

Now that Protagonize will be shutting down permanently, I want to know where other users will be going? What other writing communities have you found that you really like?

View the michael's place group

michael's place

Created by airborne29th in Social

short stories and poems

View the Digital Humanities Group group

Digital Humanities Group

Created by anne81319 in Collaboration, Education

Collaboration of students creating stories

View the Quotes Central group

Quotes Central

Created by JamGalloway in Just for Fun, Social, Writing Groups & Circles

Share some of your favorite self-quotes and send people to your stories!

View the Furry group


Created by flurryswift in Just for Fun, Social, Special Interest

A group for those into anthropmorphic animals.

View the Sydney Writers group

Sydney Writers

Created by cjhawkingswrites in Authors, Screenwriting, Writing Groups & Circles

Do you live in Sydney, Australia? Do you want to network with writers from all over Sydney? Join us!

View the 201st Stryker Regiment group

201st Stryker Regiment

Created by BlackCatF in Fan Fiction, Special Interest

A group of casual players of the game MechWarrior Online. This group also happens to be hobby writers. We're looking for the right kind of stupid.

View the Creative Writing - Achva 2016/7 group

Creative Writing - Achva 2016/7

Created by LauraM in Education, Foreign Language, Poetry

A bunch of students writing poetry in (mostly) L2

View the Blackout 20/20 group

Blackout 20/20

Created by cashcraft in Clubs & Societies, Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

An IA Creative Writing Club collaborative writing manifesto. Creativity required.

View the Daniel's Fall 2016 English Class group

Daniel's Fall 2016 English Class

Created by danielooi in Collaboration

This is a catchy tag line.

View the DCnerd and Leif Erikson group

DCnerd and Leif Erikson

Created by LeifErikson in Collaboration

Just writing a story

View the Magical Realism group

Magical Realism

Created by EandL in Genres

Impossible yet possible

View the 9th Grade English group

9th Grade English

Created by hrichmond in Education

Create and publish your journal entries and epistolary short stories here!

View the 7th/ 8th Grade English group

7th/ 8th Grade English

Created by hrichmond in Education

Create and publish your journal entries and epistolary short stories here!

View the 2016 Reading group

2016 Reading

Created by kerry.whitehead in Education

Upload your works of art here

View the Armistice Guard group

Armistice Guard

Created by Archanglex in Collaboration, Communities, Writing Groups & Circles

Omni Hominum Generi Fiat; For Humanity. This group is a community of writers who collaborate and write in the Armistice Guard universe.

View the Rhodes' Collaborative Corner group

Rhodes' Collaborative Corner

Created by Rhodes in Writing Groups & Circles

You need to be a member of this group to add to my collaborative stories.

View the Creative Collaborators group

Creative Collaborators

Created by APoetwithPassion in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Poetry

Join, trade focus words, and write!

View the Critic's Coalition group

Critic's Coalition

Created by TheBelugaLord in Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

A small group designed to allow people to actively (emphasis on actively) critique and share works.

View the Teknomagus Saga group

Teknomagus Saga

Created by GraeyMouser in Collaboration, Genres, Just for Fun

PEO vs. King, Starship Captain vs. Dragon Commander

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