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View the Young Writers group

Young Writers

Created by Sareneth in Social, Writing Groups & Circles

Because we all know that older is not necessarily better.

View the NaNoWriMo Participants group

NaNoWriMo Participants

Created by ElzuWolfe in Communities, Contests & Competitions, Writing Groups & Circles

Thirty days and nights of literary abandon!

View the The Poetry Workshop group

The Poetry Workshop

Created by FogCat in Events, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

Improving our poetry, together.

View the Character Development group

Character Development

Created by smac972 in General Interest

Breathing life into the characters in your stories through realistic dialogue, description and action.

View the Editing, Rewriting & Polishing group

Editing, Rewriting & Polishing

Created by Tasha_Noble in Authors, Publishing, Special Interest

Because however good it is, it can always be better.

View the Fantasy group


Created by Colm in Collaboration

For those of you who love the fantasy genre; be it to read it, or to write in it, this is the group for you!

View the World Building group

World Building

Created by Jackerbie in General Interest

'cause we all know it's more exciting in Imaginationland.

View the Fan Fiction group

Fan Fiction

Created by Faltarego in Fan Fiction, General Interest

Want to jump into someone else's world and create new stories there? Let's talk about it here.

View the Grammar & Usage group

Grammar & Usage

Created by Rac7hel in Communities, Education, General Interest

A collaborative resource for mastering all the technical aspects of language.

View the Mentoring group


Created by Scheherazade in Collaboration, General Interest, Writing Groups & Circles

A group to offer or seek help with whatever aspect of writing your heart or pen desires.

View the Author Interviews group

Author Interviews

Created by SeeThomasHowl in Authors, General Interest

Interviews with our own Protagonize authors!

View the Text Based Roleplayers Unite! group

Text Based Roleplayers Unite!

Created by CraziestToaster in Social, Special Interest, Writing Groups & Circles

A place to experience unbelievable fantasy!

View the Flash Fiction group

Flash Fiction

Created by AnaCristina in General Interest, Genres

Because a lot can happen in just a few words.

View the Poets of Tomorrow group

Poets of Tomorrow

Created by Verse47 in Authors, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

Even Shakespeare had to start somewhere!

View the 20 Writerly Questions group

20 Writerly Questions

Created by booklounge in Authors, Publishing, Websites

Your favourite authors spill the beans on their writing habits and other fun things!

View the Alternate Universes group

Alternate Universes

Created by Faltarego in General Interest, Genres

It's just like here, only different.

View the Sanctuary For The Darklings group

Sanctuary For The Darklings

Created by TheRosesBloom in Collaboration, Random, Social

For those of us a little too tainted with shadow...There is a home for you here.

View the Duo Madness group

Duo Madness

Created by CrystalRose in Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

Wanna pair up to write a story bring your duo madness over here

View the Completed Works group

Completed Works

Created by Jackerbie in General Interest, Libraries

Looking for a finished story to read? We've got 'em here!

View the Seasonal Poetry Tournament group

Seasonal Poetry Tournament

Created by Verse47 in Contests & Competitions, Just for Fun, Poetry

Dedicated to the use for the Poetry Workshop's seasonal poetry tournaments.

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