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View the Creative Titles group

Creative Titles

Created by TheRosesBloom in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Social

Because naming our work is harder than writing it.

View the Creative Writing - Herzog 2013 group

Creative Writing - Herzog 2013

Created by Drlauram in Foreign Language, Poetry, Writing Groups & Circles

A bunch of students training to be English teachers unleashing their creative sides!

View the Creative Writing Degree 2013 group

Creative Writing Degree 2013

Created by Adam_Ward in Authors, Education, Poetry

Degree level work...students love to critique!!

View the Creative Writing Essentials group

Creative Writing Essentials

Created by danielleurban442 in Genres, Publishing, Writing Groups & Circles

Author?Poet?Writer? Stuck in writer's block? Join now!

View the Crime group


Created by babyrhinos in Fan Clubs, Fan Fiction, Genres

The case that makes you, and the case that breaks you.

View the Critiques Wanted group

Critiques Wanted

Created by nickb in Collaboration, Writing Groups & Circles

Looking for a serious assessment of your work? Drop by and post it up for review and critique!

View the Critiques, reviews and editing group

Critiques, reviews and editing

Created by DanniTaylor in Communities, Literary Reviews & Journals

This group is dedicated to all pieces, large and small alike, for re-writing, critiques, reviews, mentoring and editing to make it as good as it can be.

View the Cursed group


Created by RouxEdwards in Authors, Collaboration

Our vampire love story with quarrelling Greek Gods

View the Dark of the Night Saga group

Dark of the Night Saga

Created by Colm in Publishing, Writing Groups & Circles

The official group for the Dark of the Night Saga. The original trilogy; its prequels and all of the follow-up series.

View the Dark Poets Society group

Dark Poets Society

Created by peggy in Poetry

This group is recommended for those who love to write poems when they are feeling low and usually end up with some thing Gothic.

View the Dark, Destructive, and Possibly Beautiful. group

Dark, Destructive, and Possibly Beautiful.

Created by Silence.Dawns in Collaboration, Just for Fun, Special Interest

Feel free to enlighten us with your dark destructive powers. Perhaps you can strike fear into our hearts. Or could find some..similar minions.

View the Depression and Recovery. group

Depression and Recovery.

Created by JennaBeelack in Writing Groups & Circles

For all of those who wish to share their work, thoughts, and progress.

View the Disability & Mental Illness group group

Disability & Mental Illness group

Created by LokiofSassgard in Social

We welcome all disabilities and mental illnesses to this group. :3

View the Discussion 'Living with Flames' group

Discussion 'Living with Flames'

Created by xLittleHill_TheIrishGirlx in Authors, Collaboration, Social

Just for Nightshadedark and xLilHillx :-)

View the Don't Have Any Inspiration........? group

Don't Have Any Inspiration........?

Created by CrystalSouth in Just for Fun

This group can help you improve your writing so what are you waiting for!?

View the Doodle Me group

Doodle Me

Created by Ibrahim2 in Book Art & Illustration

If ur a doodlng fan then u' ll luv this groop!

View the Dr. Who group

Dr. Who

Created by LemonFace in Communities, Fan Clubs, Just for Fun

For all those who think bow-ties are cool. And actually for those who don't, come to think of it.

View the Dreams group


Created by hungergameslover in Just for Fun

Have you ever had a dream so peculiar you had to write down what happened? Well here's a group for stories based off of dreams.

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