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Hi guys, wow things have been hectic lately what with school starting, and gigs and concerts and whatnot and blah blah blah...anywhooo...
Point is, It's been forever and a day since I've come online here, so here I am. I see no one has really posted since I left, but I AM STILL ALIVE, contrary to popular belief. So our little sanctuary of song is still up and running.

Soo....top 5 songs of this minute that I'm in the mood to listen to and I think you should too???
Not in any particular order,

1.Eminem- Mockingbird
2. We are the Ocean- Nothing Good Has Happened Yet
3. Hedley- Invincible (I saw them in concert, havent been able to listen to them since, but this song actually brought to tears, so it's going up here, like it or not.)
4. Asking Alexandria- A Prophecy
5. Flee The Seen- Wire Tap Out

Rock on, stay strong and try not to freak out when the spiders crawl on you,


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