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Hello, and Welcome to FTH,

As the Group Description notes, this group was created to promote the completed works from my book "From the Heart..."

This is my 'Home Base' where I will gradually introduce the Poems & Lyrics from this book. Works are being shared individually so that Readers can View / Rate / Comment on them as standalone Works.

As of Oct 1/13, the book has been released here on Protag, in it's entirety! Read the 'Full Story' at: http://www.protagonize.com/story/from-the-heart-and-through-the-pain-a-collection-of-songs--poems

From the Heart' is a story of love and life as they interact, interchange, and interfere with each other; in the form of poetic excerpts.
Through more than sixty songs and poems, it touches on, and delves into love and life. It is a candid, and sometimes graphic exploration of the emotions one can and will feel when blessed or cursed by love.

You can easily view and select individual Works from this book to Rate/Share/Like/Comment on them by going to FTH Book: Quick View ~ Contents & Writing Dates page.
All Works from the book are listed in chronological order with direct links to the Works.

Thanks for stopping by!

*All comments are welcomed, and your interaction is appreciated!
Thanks for your time, interest, and input!

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