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Please post only finished stories in this group! If the story is not marked as completed it will be removed.

How do I "complete" a story?
First you have to finish writing it, of course. When you're happy with the final chapter, click the Actions tab below the title and select "Mark as ending." That's it! You can still edit chapters as usual when the story is marked as complete.

How do I submit a completed story to this group?
Go to your story and click the Actions tab below the title and select "Add to or remove from group." A box will pop up with all the groups you belong to*. Find the Completed Works group and click the green addition sign beside it.

*You need to be a member of this group to submit stories to it.

How do I download a story to my computer or eReader?
Go to the story and click the gear icon in the gray byline area. Next, click "Export to PDF" in the menu that appears, which will create a PDF file of the entire story, complete with pages numbers and a table of contents. Simply save it to your computer for offline access.

Some eReaders support PDF files. Consult the product manual or product webpage for your eReader to learn steps for importing PDF documents.

Pro account subscribers have the option of sending Protagonize stories directly to their Kindle library. Follow the same steps as above, but click "Send story to Kindle." You'll first have to set up your Kindle email forwarding with Protagonize by following these simple steps.

Why are there no discussions?
The focus of this group is on compiling completed stories, and having open discussions would only generate unneeded notifications for the members.

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