Jadyn Calvins: Going to Jasmine's.Mature

When I had finally stopped crying I headed outside to see what was going on. I was afraid because of what had just happened. I still had that knife.

"AHHHH! GET AWAY FROM ME!" A girl screamed. That sounded to much like Jasmine. Jasmine was my best friend. I ran to were I had heard the scream. Of course it was her. There was a man on top of her.

"GET OFF HER!" I shout. I knocked him down. I got on top of him stabbing him with the knife. When I thought he was dead I stopped.

"Jazz? Are you ok?"

"Yea. That was intense." Of course she thinks of it as a game. She always was like that.

We walked towards Jasmine's house and walked inside. We built a barricade. Bad idea. Nothing happened at that time.

"Jazz. let's go to your room, you have a computer." We walked up the stairs and as soon as we got to her room we heard glass shattering and stuff being pushed and loud bangs. We locked the door to her room and baricaded ourselves into her room.

"We have to go."


The End

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