Mark was right!Mature

My little brother came bursting into the house, slamming the front door shut and locking it. I said, “Mark are you ok?”

Mark shook his head frantically while sweat writhed down his forehead, his glasses was barely hanging off the bridge of his nose, his eyes were wild and he was breathing heavy. “S-something is h-h-happening,” he stammered fixing his glasses and pulling out his inhaler. Taking a couple quick pulls he goes over to the windows, closing the blinds and pulling the drapes together.  

What is he doing? “Mark I’m painting my toenails can you open them back?” He ignored me running into the kitchen and from where I was seated; he locked the back doors and closed all the windows. I said, “Is that kid Bryan harassing you again?”

And once again he didn’t answer me. “Mark! Like seriously what is wrong with you?”

“H-Hailey you didn’t believe me when I told you that this would happen one day,”

“What are you talking about?”

He fixes his glasses again and taking another pull of his inhaler, “You and Chase laughed at me,”

Our older brother Chase came around the corner, his head phones blazing music as he brushed his hands through Marks light brown curls, “we laugh at you all the time, you need to be more specific,” and he plopped himself beside me in the family room sofa. Legs propped up on mom’s glass coffee table and I could just hear mom yelling at him now.

I replied, “Care to explain why you’re so fidgety?”

“Is that girl Amanda bullying you again?” Chase questioned.

Our little brother shakes his head, I knew he was on the verge of tears and he jumped when we all heard a noise outside. More like something had crashed into our garage.

Chase jumped up, "What the hell was that?"

“They’re coming for us,” he cried, “I told you guys this would happen,”

I said to Chase, “Go check it out,” and he did just that as Mark cried for Chase not to go. He rushed to the garage door locking it tears streaming down and his whole body was shaking. Chase simply pushed our 12 year old brother aside and opened the garage the door.

"Oh my goodness relax will you," I said to Mark as he backed away from the garage shaking his head.

I followed behind my older brother as he stepped down the stairs and coughing with all the smoke escaping from the car that crashed into our garage.

He said, "This looks like John's car,"

"Check to see if he's okay,"

Both Chase and I walk around to the driver’s door when we notice his windshield mirrors were cracked and blood was splattered.

“Oh my god,” I gasp seeing John in the driver’s side bleeding from his head wound and there was a nasty gash on his shoulders. My stomach began to wrench with the smell of blood I couldn’t stand.  Chase opened the door and John fell the ground of our garage and I said backing away. “Check to see if he has a pulse,”

Chase bent down to do just that when John flinched, my brother jumped back and John began to twitch on the ground. His eyes fluttered open and a sound escaped from deep in his throat. Why is he making that sound?

My brother backed up while John struggled to stand up and when he finally stood erect he locked his glazed eyes on me staggering forward. Something was wrong with john and I was only more convinced when I heard screams outside. Groaning, baring his teeth and both of his hands stretched forward I doubled his steps until my back came into contact with dad’s tool shed.

“Chase!” I yelled, “Get him away from me!”

“What do you want me to do?”

 “I dunno,” I screamed panicking and flinching when there was a loud blistering noise and John’s head literally exploded. John drop to the ground, his blood and all that nasty stuff spilling out and I looked up to find mark holding dad’s shot gun.

“I told you guys Zombie’s would attack one day but no,” My little brother retorted, “You two didn’t believe me!" and Mark places his inhaler in his mouth.

The End

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