Kayla and AidenMature

Something was scratching at the door.

'What was that?' I whispered. Aiden looked towards the door, confused. 

'I don't know,' he replied. 'I'll go check it out.' As he got up to investigate, I grabbed his hand. 

'Maybe we should just wait until it goes away...' I had an incredibly bad feeling about this, like whatever was outside the door was dangerous. 

'Don't be silly,' he smiled fondly and bent down to kiss me. 

'I mean it,' I frowned. 

'Kayla, what on earth could happen?' He was approaching the door now and I got up to shadow him, picking up a kitchen knife from the counter for safety. 

'What do you have that for?' he asked, incredulous. I simply shrugged my shoulders. 

With one final glance in my direction, he opened the door. Everything happened very fast then. The figure in the doorway stumbled forwards, falling on top of Aiden with a terrible hissing sound. I screamed and tried to push it backwards. It snapped at me, before biting a huge chunk out of Aiden's neck.

He screamed in pain and without thinking, I plunged the knife deep in its chest. It made the most disturbing noise, before it jerked backwards and collapsed on the floor, where it lay twitching for several moments. I kicked it in the head for good measure and it flew backwards, back outside. I slammed the door shut, bolting it tightly before turning to Aiden.

Blood was pumping out of a massive bite wound at the base of his throat as he lay writhing on the floor in agony.

'Help...me...' he gasped. 

'Aiden! I screamed at the top of my lungs. I grabbed a dishcloth and pressed it to his neck, desperately trying to stop the bleeding. I spotted the phone on the sofa, and ran for it desperately punching the digits for help. 

'I'm calling for help!' I turned back to face him, which is when my heart sunk. He had stopped moving and his eyes had become wide and blank. His chest wasn't moving. 'No!'

I dropped to the floor, frantically trying to find his pulse. 'NO! DON'T DIE! Don't leave me! You can't leave me!!!' I collapsed on top of him, sobbing manically.

What seemed like hours later, something moved beneath me. 

Hope rising through me, I looked through tear filled eyes at Aiden, willing him to wake up, to come back to life...anything.

His eyes fluttered open. 

'Aiden?' I sniffed. When I wiped my tears away and my vision became clearer, I saw it was Aiden...but it wasn't him. His eyes were no longer the deep, crystal blue I had always loved and adored. They had now become vivid blood red, and they were fixed on me with something that looked like a desperate and intense hunger.



The End

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