Jadyn Calvins: Mom?Mature

"OMG! Really, are you serious?" I was talking on the phone with my friend. So far we were talking for like about an hour, not so long. But suddenly the line got cut. "Hello? Reima? Are you there? Hmm...? That was weird." I put the phone down and walk over to the kitchen. "Hi, mom. Watcha' makin'?" "Food. Joking, well I am but I am making Kraft Dinner!!" "Don't forget the milk and butter." "I'll try not to this time."

I walk out of the kitchen to go back into the when the door burst right open. There was a man. He walked right up to me. He smelled like rotting dead things. He opened his mouth and tried to bite me. He got me to the ground. "MOM!! HELP!!!" She came running.  She pushed the man off me. "What the hell?! Get out of our house!" He didn't listen. Instead he came running again but towards my mom. She got tackled down. The man bit her. "AHH! What the-?" I pushed the man off of her this time and I grabbed something, I didn't know what I grabbed but it seemed to hurt the guy. After stabbing a man like a billion times I went to check on my mom. "Mom? Are you ok?" "No....I can feel something. Something inside me....wanting to come out......I feel hungry...re-really hun-hungry..." She was dead. "Mom...?" I cried and cried.

The End

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