Zombie OutbreakMature

A group of survivors, scattered and somewhat together, find themselves in hell. A viral outbreak has turned everyone into zombies. Can these Survivors get to safety alive or will they succumb to the zombies. It's your call.

Zombies. I thought they were only make believe, fictional, fake. That was until I found out they actually existed and they were killing people at this very moment. It has only been 2 days and the world has gone berserk. Well that shows how fast a viral outbreak goes. Well I shouldn't stay too long in this place. That should be a rule: Never stay in a place too long/never barricade yourself in a place. your should never barricade yourself in a house or anywhere because they will never stop until they get you. unless they die. But barricading is bad, no barricading. So that's the introduction and hope you survivors at still surviving.

The End

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